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160 pages
Feb 2005
WaterBrook Press

Wildflower Living: Cultivating Inner Strength During Times of Storm or Drought

by Liz Duckworth

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Wildflower Living is a beautiful hardcover book by Liz Duckworth about cultivating inner strength during hard times. The author uses the characteristics of nine wildflowers to show how a person can build strong reserves when facing difficult circumstances.

The Fireweed plant exemplifies resilience, the Sunflower—joy, Spiderwort—optimism and so on. The writing of this book is not the patronizing pat-on-the-back that some grief books plaster on, nor does it deny pain saying: “If you had faith you wouldn’t have trouble.” I highlighted this fresh thinking: "In the wake of losing my baby, the simple choice to feel my feelings, helped me walk down the path of healing. Avoiding feelings is a common response to grief, but it’s not a healthy one."

The author shares with readers her experience when her baby died just days after a premature birth, and her struggle with her four year old son who suffered bone cancer. She also relates her experience fighting breast cancer and about friends who suffered from sudden deaths of children, spouses, and grandchildren.

Liz has written several other books and has had twenty years experience in the Christian publishing field. She heads up Liz Duckworth Publishing Services, Colorado Springs, Colorado. She provides sound advice to people who are facing storms and droughts in their lives and she inspires from an open heart that has known grief first hand and flourished.

The writing is lovely. The sentences are clear and concise without losing soul and beauty.  Each chapter’s teaching is interspersed with quotations like: “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.’’ (Cora Mae Harris), and Scripture verses such as Habakkuk 3:17-19. Each chapter ends with grief journaling prompts.

This is the first book I have studied for review that inspired me so much that I went right out and I purchased extra copies to share with my family and friends. I would recommend it as a gift to any person experiencing grief or to persons who want to be able to guide and comfort hurting hearts. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Consider the Lilies of the Field.

Tall, purple fireweed. Bright black-eyed Susans. Fragrant wild roses. These graceful beauties somehow flourish in barren spaces.

Like those dry, exposed landscapes, your life may be scorched by the firestorms of loss. Your soul might be exposed to the emotional drought of illness. Your heart could be frozen by the bitter wind of shattered dreams.

Hope and Strength Are Waiting to Blossom Again.

Walk through this landscape of healing with companions who know both the devastation of loss and the emergence of hope. Having lived through the death of her first child, her son’s battle with bone cancer, and her own struggle with breast cancer, author Liz Duckworth has learned that hope, optimism, and resiliency can bloom even after tragedy. As Liz weaves the voices of other survivors’ stories of loss and endurance, she reveals that beauty that can thrive in the wildflowers just outside our doors. Wildflower Living offers encouragement to explore your own firestorms and droughts while taking hopeful steps toward fresh strength, faith, and resilience.