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144 pages
Oct 2003
WaterBrook Press

The Winter Seeking

by Vinita Hampton Wright

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In The Winter Seeking, Vinita Hampton Wright presents the story of Mary Georgiana, known to most as Jana, a college student searching for something, only she doesnít know what. Her parents are divorced, her father remarried, her mother struggling with cancer, and Jana must deal with the pain of her own recent break-up as she spends Christmas with her mother and aunt. On top of everything, her mother has returned to her childhood faith.

When a therapist at her auntís church suggests journaling events in the Biblical Maryís life from her own perspective, Jana accepts the challenge. As her questions about God and faith find answers from her fictionalized characters, the Christmas story becomes much more than a story.

Beautifully written, this novella brings a unique twist to the old saga of stable, shepherds, and stargazers. Women of all ages will enjoy a cozy yet thought-provoking read that settles deep into the heart as two Maryís reach the object of their seekings, the Christ Child. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Twenty-two-year-old Mary Georgiana Reese faces a gauntlet of pain and loss: her parentsí divorce and her dadís remarriage, her motherís battle with cancer, and her own recent breakup. Amidst such turmoil, she canít imagine facing Christmas with her momís family in Atlanta. Then she is confronted with one more unnerving shift: her motherís reconnection with the Christian faith of her youth.

Though Mary Georgiana has little use for religion, she attempts for her motherís sake to understand this spiritual reawakening. In the process, she comes face to face with another Mary: a virgin heavy with child, making her own uncertain journey through circumstances that bring both fear and hope. As their two stories intertwine, each young woman travels through a season of pain and joy, with surprising results. Their dual journey of winter seeking, centered on the Christ child, invites you to an experience of the Nativity unlike any other.