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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jun 2004
WaterBrook Press


by Donita K. Paul

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Dragonspell is a fantasy about Kale, a slave girl who finds a dragon’s egg. The elders in her village free her from slavery since, after all, she now owns a dragon’s egg, and send her far away to The Hall to learn. Kale may indeed now have a dragon’s egg, but other than that, she feels the same as always. She expects to be a servant in The Hall now, much like a slave, which is the only thing she knows, so that’s okay. On her journey she finds seven more dragon eggs.

Every move she makes leads her away from her destination, despite her determination to get to The Hall. She is dragged along on a journey with a band, who keep telling her she’s meant to use her special gifts. Kale has no gifts except obeying, but her companions tell her she has the gift of finding dragon eggs.

The entire book is full of fun and adventure. Timid Kale turns into a plucky adventurer by necessity, not choice. Despite her desire to obey her village elders and go to The Hall, she’s having fun – fun interrupted by terror as the evil Wizard Rizzo tries to turn Kale to his side, so he can use her to find dragon eggs.

In fantasy writing the challenge is ‘world creating.’ In the best tradition of The Lord of the Rings, Donita K. Paul creates a world with creatures both good and evil. She conjures plants and animals with her vivid words, and creates an adventure so fast paced and death defying, can see and feel it.

This book is for adults as well as children. It’s funny and inspiring, and the good guys are intrepid. Kale, the reluctant heroine, rises brilliantly to the challenge set before her. The evil Wizard meets his match with the all-powerful Wulder and his fellow warrior Paladin.

Dragonspell was an uplifting change of pace for me. A great example of how much fun literature can be and how a book can appeal to children and still be engrossing for adults. – Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

One Dragon Egg Holds the Key to the Future.

Once a slave, Kale is given the unexpected opportunity to become a servant to Paladin. Yet this young girl has much to learn about the difference between slavery and service.

A Desperate Search Begins…

A small band of Paladin’s servants rescue Kale from danger but turn her from her destination: The Hall, where she was to be trained. Feeling afraid and unprepared, Kale embarks on a perilous quest to find the meech dragon egg stolen by the foul Wizard Risto. First, she and her comrades must find Wizard Fenworth. But their journey is threatened when a key member of the party is captured, leaving the remaining companions to find Fenworth, attempt an impossible rescue, and recover the egg whose true value they have not begun to suspect…

Weaving together memorable characters, daring adventure, and a core of eternal truth, Dragonspell is a finely crafted and welcome addition to the corpus of fantasy fiction.