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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Oct 2004
WaterBrook Press

Who Can You Trust?: Overcoming Betrayal and Fear

by Howard E. Butt, Jr.

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Howard E. Butt, Jr.’s Who Can You Trust? is about overcoming betrayal and fear. In our angst-laden culture, it is sometimes hard to understand why our personal responses are misunderstood. Mr. Butt’s assertion is that by reconciling our past, living in the moment, and finding the balance between trust and mistrust, you can flourish.

The book is broken down into three sections: our trust versus mistrust dilemma; why we do what we do; and journeying toward wisdom. At just under two hundred pages, Who Can You Trust? will not intimidate readers. This easy-to-read book is full passages rich with meaning. Not cumbersome in theology and no cheap shots taken at readers, this book can serve many as a wise counselor. A businessman and theologian in his own right, Howard E. Butt, Jr., spent years in the field nurturing believers.

The “discovering God’s trustworthiness” chapter is poetic. Vivid imagery inspires weary readers to press on to the high calling. Consider this passage: “Rains, storms, and tempests only come to make the earth more beautiful. Whatever the devastation, nature heals itself; resurrection is inherent in the soil we walk on. Just as we await our Lord’s return, so we wait through life’s rainy days for beauty to come. We’re falling acorns, but God is in the oak-tree-making business. In His trustworthiness, He’s out to give us lives that are, in themselves, ‘something beautiful for God.’”

It is a delight to read and aptly conveys the heart of God. Very few books that I review, will I actually pass on to my husband. This one I will. It is packed with wisdom for today. I highly recommend it for all Christians to enjoy. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Trust is the basis for every relationship. So what happens when that foundation cracks?

·A cheating spouse destroys the feelings of confidence and fidelity in a marriage.
·A friend’s betrayal causes mistrust to spread to your other close relationships.
·An undermining co-worker creates a suspicious, tense, disjointed workplace.
·Organizational board members work in secret to form coalitions to assume control.

Trust plays a key role in every arena of our lives, because trust is the linchpin for all our relationships–family, school, church, work, and community. And how we sort out all the issues of trust and mistrust determines the direction our lives will take–and our ultimate happiness and fulfillment. How can we build deeper, stronger trust in our relationships? How can we cope when that trust has been wounded or destroyed? How can we live a life of trust without being naïve about betrayal?

In Who Can You Trust? one of America’s most beloved leaders, Howard E. Butt, Jr., candidly shares his own real-life experience and expertise to help you answer these questions in a biblical and practical way. He helps you recognize and resolve past trust issues that have shattered your faith and your spirit. And he shows you how to let your faith help you build stronger trust in the future for all your most important relationships.