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Trade Paperback
272 pages
May 2006
WaterBrook Press

Violette Between

by Alison Strobel

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Mural painter, Violette Corterm, is passionate about art, with the "love of the unusual…sewn into the fabric of her soul." After the loss of her mother and her husband's sudden death, her greatest happiness is turning her canvas into scenic wonders.

When Dr. Christian Roch, himself a widower, commissions Violette to decorate the walls of his waiting room, they discover that their similar pain creates a mutual bond. But when Christian pursues a deeper relationship with Violette, he realizes he competes with her late husband, Saul, for her affection, creating a unique lover's triangle.

A tragic accident shoves Violette into a world of memories that threaten to keep her in their grasp. Violette must chose between the wistful happiness of yesterday or an uncertain future with another man's love. Faced with again losing a woman he loves, Christian find himself at odds with God's will. As he seeks a deeper knowledge of God, Christian struggles to hold onto his faith.

Alison Strobel does a brilliant job weaving three love stories into one and making both past and present relationships come alive. Her simple yet vivid portrayal paints a moving picture for the reader. This story is packed with tenderness and would be particularly meaningful for anyone who's loved and lost a spouse.

My one complaint is the prominent inclusion of a homosexual character, not unusual in the art world, but other than adding color to the story, his alternative lifestyle doesn't seem to advance the plot. While Violette and Christian were comfortable with it in their storybook world, the casual acceptance of his life choices made my spiritual conscience tingle. -- Janice LaQuiere, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Between here and the past, there lies a place…

…a place of longing for what has been rather than hoping for what could be.

A true artist, Violette is passionate and emotional. Climbing back into life after suffering a loss, she teeters on the precipice of a new relationship with Christian, a psychologist who not only understands her struggles but offers safety and his heart.

As Violette and Christian begin to feel something they both thought impossible, tragedy strikes again. Violette becomes trapped in a place of past memories–and she finds that she may not want to come back. What would it be like to choose a place between the past and the present?