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Trade Paperback
176 pages
May 2005
WaterBrook Press

Giant Killers: Crushing Strongholds, Securing Freedom in Your Life

by Dennis Jernigan

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An obnoxious, loud voice. Roaring armies. The “thump-rattle” of an armored giant’s steps. Giant Killers, a devotional book by Dennis Jernigan, makes all of these sounds come alive--much as they came alive to a shepherd boy as he confidently strode toward Goliath. But David, and later his mighty men, did not have to face only this giant. They also fought and killed Ishbi-Benob, Saph, Lahmi, and old “Six-fingers.” Giant after giant attacked, and each was killed. What does this have to do with famous songwriter/worship leader Dennis Jernigan? He killed a giant of his own, and will teach you how to fell your giant whether it’s an addiction, the sin of pride, or some other vice.

Jernigan is painfully honest as he describes his victory over his giant: homosexuality. By intertwining his story into the main points of Giant Killers, he incinerates the lie that whispers, “You can’t overcome the giant.” Healing occurs when people share in one another’s struggles for victory, and Jernigan writes that honesty is an important part of the remedy. Later in the book, he reveals that when we feel weak, down-trodden, and vile, Christ can be powerful in our lives. He encourages his readers simply to worship God, and, as the apostle Paul did, to boast in their weaknesses.

In the section entitled “Five Giants, Five Stones,” Jernigan ingeniously describes the five giants who were killed by David and gives meaning to their names. For example, Goliath is called the “Giant of Shame.” As the section title implies, there is one stone with which we can kill each giant. Goliath was killed with the “Stone of Identity in Christ.”

As a devotional, this book is excellent. It is written in three to five page sections for daily reading, with extra Bible verses and hard-hitting personal questions. Having been through the shame and guilt of homosexuality, and having been healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Dennis Jernigan is the perfect man to motivate others who are struggling to rid themselves of addictions. His heart is revealed in this book—as it is when he worships—and his honesty will take you off the defensive, yet challenge you to grow spiritually. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is starting to lose hope because of having been trampled by personal giants. -- Justin Nelson, Christian Book


Book Jacket:

Worship leader Dennis Jernigan opens his heart to help you overcome the persistent problems in your life.

Persistent sins. Troublesome fears. Powerful addictions. Is there any hope of overcoming these giants that keep us from experiencing God’s freedom?

Dennis Jernigan enthusiastically answers, “Yes.” And he shares his personal story to show how God has helped him overcome the giants in his life.

In Giant Killers you’ll meet Goliath and other giants in the Bible that represent overwhelming problems that plague everyone–fear, discouragement, shame, and more. And you’ll discover five God-given “stones” that, when fired from a sling, are sure to fell these giants.

Having overcome homosexuality–a behavior pattern many consider unchangeable–Dennis Jernigan speaks with authority on the subject of defeating spiritual enemies. Through his inspiring devotional approach, you’ll draw closer to God, the source of all power for victory.