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224 pages
Sep 2004
WaterBrook Press

The Too-Busy Book : Slowing Down to Catch Up with Life

by Linda Andersen

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The Too-Busy Book is a collection of reminiscences, nostalgia, devotional thoughts, and pragmatic suggestions that will help reduce stress and increase enjoyment in the lives of females. Linda Anderson wrote The Too-Busy Book to help today’s Christian women get in touch with themselves and God. Anderson has written five other books, including Love Adds the Chocolate and Interludes: A Busy Woman’s Invitation to Personal and Spiritual Rest. Christian women today become so caught up in their jobs, their families, and their friends, and they miss God as their guiding light. This is the problem that Anderson addresses.

Choose liberty, redesign your life, and savor abundance are the main points of the book. The Too-Busy Book is designed for the reader to read one chapter a day for one month. At the end of each chapter is a reflection, a journal, and a prayer that the reader can choose to use. Anderson writes and speaks with insights drawn from decades of life experiences and many years of reading and studying the scriptures.

“I don’t want, ever, to become my own sole provider.” This statement is what every person needs to hear and experience. Anderson uses illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to remove stress from our lives and learn to say no once in a while.

Anderson has many good ideas and quotes in the book, yet it is easy to get lost in the elaborate sentences and many illustrations. I had to read the first chapter three times before I completely grasped everything that Anderson was saying. The prayers at the end of each chapter seem superficial, and the journal suggestions range from deep and sincere to elementary in style.

This book is designed for adult women with families and full time careers. Unfortunately, the way it is written is at time cumbersome to read, and many times it completely loses the reader. This book could be paraphrased and still get its point across with ease. -- Rebecca Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God Is Not in a Hurry.

So why are we…all the time? If we were created in his image, why are we so determined to move at a pace faster than his? It’s time to step on the brakes, slow down, and begin living the unhurried life God wants for us.

If you are like most women today, you may have picked up this book thinking: I’ll take a fast look before getting back to my to-do list. Maybe this will help me get more done. You’re in for a surprise! The Too-Busy Book offers both permission and pathways to slow your life down permanently and enjoy the process of living.

Here Is Your Invitation to Exchange Busyness for Bounty.

This collection of reflections, journaling questions, and practical, decision-making helps will gently lead you from frenzied to focused, from busy to balanced. Written in coffee-break length chapters, The Too-Busy Book is an irresistible summons to slow down and catch up with the abundant life you were created to enjoy.