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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Oct 2004
WaterBrook Press

Tiger Lillie

by Lisa Samson

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Who but Lisa Samson could mix the fun and misadventure romance of your favorite chick flick with deep themes ready to stand the test of time? Lillie Bauer, thirty-two, is known as Tiger Lillie for her unorthodox ways of promoting her business (such as bungee jumping off a city bridge) and uses the word orange to describe kindred spirits. Fifteen years after the disappearance of her childhood sweetheart, Teddy, she’s ready to find love again, but the Christian singles scene offers nothing comparable to what she had with Teddy.

The stalwart marriage of her parents, a blind Episcopal priest with unshakeable faith and a Strong Hungarian Woman armed with Sharpies, contrasts distinctly with her sister’s mannequin submission to her domineering husband. Tacy’s suffocating relationship with Rawlins is told through her own flashbacks and Lillie’s observations as the couple is pulled deeper into a cult.

Quirky with a sensible head for running the barely-hanging-on Extreme Weddings and The Extremely Odd Occasion, Lillie surrounds herself with creative friends – classy clothing designer Pleasance; lovable, big-hearted caterer Peach; and her best friend, epileptic, non-practicing gay, florist Cristoff. When she rushes Cristoff to the hospital after a seizure, Lillie meets a man with the connections to save her business and a heart worth knowing, if she can ever let go of Teddy’s memory.

Deep and unconventional, Tiger Lillie ties together faith, friendship, and paprika in an expert weave of romance and the love between two sisters. The only disappointment in this novel is the last page – bidding the characters farewell. The solution? Turn back to chapter one. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Always the Wedding Coordinator, Never the Bride.

Fifteen years after the mysterious disappearance of Ted, her childhood sweetheart, gutsy and daring Lillie Bauer–bungee-jumper, book addict, and delightfully offbeat coordinator of “extreme” high-concept weddings–is ready to find love again. Yet as she boldly but reluctantly braves a disastrous dating scene in her search for a husband, quirky Lillie is caught between two contrasting images of married life: the rich, lifelong partnership shared by her parents and the troubled marriage of her younger sister, Tacy.

Faced with long-buried feelings, fears for Tacy, and concerns about her father’s failing health, Lillie finds strength in an unlikely and peculiar community of loved ones, including Cristoff, her epileptic, florist business partner; Pleasance, a sassy African American clothing designer; and Lillie’s strong Hungarian Grandma Erzsébet. But when Lillie stumbles across a danger that threatens those she loves most, she will need more than friends and family–she will need a miracle.