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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Sep 2004
WaterBrook Press

The Last Storyteller

by Diane Noble

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The Last Storyteller by Diane Noble is an enthralling story of forgiveness and hope. Taite Abbot has been raised by her Welsh grandmother, Naini Victoria. Isabel, her mother, left for Europe after the death of her husband and another daughter, Anna. Now Taite is pregnant by her boyfriend, Sam Wellington, who is studying to become a stem-cell research doctor.

Diane Noble does a beautiful job of weaving together Taite’s story with a story of her ancestors in old Wales. Sometimes, you don’t know which ending you want to know first: Taite’s or Gwynedd’s, her ancestor. Taite has always felt inadequate and leaned on her grandmother, Naini, for guidance. But this time she knows Naini won’t be in agreement with her choice to abort because of Naini‘s faith in God.

Then Naini tells Taite of her encroaching dementia. Taite decides to concentrate on taking care of Naini as long as she can and write a book using Naini’s story of Gwynedd. Taite’s life and journey to God unfolds as she listens to Naini’s telling of Gwynedd’s story. Meanwhile, Isabel struggles with the Lord as well, bringing another rich element to this family’s ongoing heritage of faith.

Diane Noble is truly a great storyteller. You will be drawn into this book quickly and feel like you personally know each character as you experience the pain, frustration, questions, and joy, in their lives. Taite’s and Sam’s journey to faith is a revelation for us all.

This book is a woman’s book--for those who know the Lord and those who feel completely unworthy of His love. Bet you can’t put this book down until the end! -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book Previews.comBook Jacket:

One Woman’s Choice, One Family’s Legacy

Taite Abbot has always been a free spirit, and she has the tattoos and piercings to prove it. So when her boyfriend, medical student Sam Wellington, leaves for a fellowship thousands of miles away before he knows she is pregnant, Taite is unwilling destroy his chance of becoming a doctor. Completely unprepared to face parenthood alone, she decides to get an abortion. But without any emotional or financial resources, Taite first seeks solace from her Welsh grandmother, Naini.

“Do you remember the stories I once told you, Taite? About the family? … There were some I didn’t tell you…. Some were too hard to tell.”

From the moment the disillusioned young woman arrives, Naini knows that time is running out, both for Taite and for herself. The aging woman must make her granddaughter understand the heart and soul of their family’s ancient legacy. But for Taite to discover the passion and faith that can keep love alive, Naini must tell the hard stories, one last time.

Interweaving a medieval adventure with the dilemmas of contemporary romance, The Last Storyteller draws ancient grace into modern lives through the powerful telling of stories.