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Trade Paperback
218 pages
Oct 2004
Harrison House

Passion For Your Kingdom Purpose: Sharpen Your Gifts, Test Your Character, And Move To Your Next Level

by Dr. Sir Walter Mack

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This feverish work by Dr. Mack is truly an exercise in precepts of the Biblical fundamentals of faith. In an era of mass media bombardment that encompasses the majority of our waking hours, little has escaped the pomp ceremony and overall ostentatious display of the mass media.

The passion of God, long hinted to and ascribed to by many writers, is one of the most difficult concepts to truly present without all the hype and sensationalism we've grown to expect today. The author achieves this feat admirably; in fact, his elegant style of simplistic fact-rendering and common sense conclusions, hammers home the unadulterated truth about God's passion for his creation.

This is the work of a true Christian heart, of one who lends axioms to us, which inevitably enables us to persevere, to worship in spirit and in truth. Just as a master carpenter follows a specific plan, so too is the plan drawn for us. Outlines of faith progression and Christian growth, provide a synopsis of the task before many of the Christians today. We learn that our "spiritual midnights" help us develop faith like silver tried in a furnace. This is definitely a work of vigor for Christ, embodied in spiritual zeal. Through some of the most heart-pounding declarations of purity in faith, you cannot escape growing as a Christian, a person, and as a child of God. If you don't think your life has purpose, Passion for your Kingdom Purpose will definitely shine a new light on your quandary of faith. Dr. Wesley B. Rose, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Dr. Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr. introduces readers to their purpose in God's kingdom. He provides a powerful foundation to launch readers into their divine assignments and encourages them to start right where they are. The Scriptures indicate that the "Kingdom of God" is defined as God's thoughts becoming our natural desires. Readers are inspired to pursue the strongest desires of their heart, for often they are the very calling and purpose of God for their life. Dr. Mack then takes them through a personal evaluation of their daily life, revealing where God can help them overcome obstacles and where they are already excelling. Dr. Mack teaches, inspires, and challenges readers to reach new levels in their walk with God and their kingdom purpose.