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Trade Paperback
303 pages
Feb 2007
DPI Books

Secure in Heart

by Robin Weidner

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Overcoming Insecurity in a Woman’s Life is the subtitle of this book by Robin Weidner, Secure in Heart. Weidner’s theme is that women‘s many problems stem from an insecurity. The author starts with Eve and her daughters, comparing the security God placed in Eve’s heart to the insecurity she felt after she had sinned.

The book is divided into three parts. The first deals with recognizing insecurities and where they came from, what hold they have on a woman, and how she can gain help in overcoming insecurities through God.

Part Two deals with questions women often face: Am I strong enough? Who will love me? Who will protect me? Will I be alone? Will I be rescued? Weidner speaks to these questions through seven chapters of teachings, and adds stories of real women’s struggles to find security in Christ.

Part Three is about finding secure love in Christ to stabilize a woman’s heart and strengthen her to face the challenges and hardships in life with courage, secure in her faith in God. All sections of the book provide encouraging quotations, pertinent Scriptures, and study guide questions.

Weidner led what she called Soup and Security meetings in her home, where women met to share a meal and their struggles to overcome insecurities. The book includes advice for leading a Soup and Security Group. I do not believe this book would serve well as a group study text, but rather would be a ministry tool in the hands a leader attempting to counsel and guide women on the path to becoming Secure in Heart. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Being secure in heart is about knowing who God is, who Jesus is, who you are, and being able to apply this knowledge in a way that sets you free. With openness about her battles with insecurity, she walks boldly, yet gently, into readers’ hearts and helps them answer with faith the questions that rise from deep within. For each of these questions, the author shows how to identify Satan’s false securities and then how to overcome them by understanding and applying God’s nature. Through stories from her life and the lives of other women, Weidner brings this "hidden" struggle into the light, giving women confidence to engage their battle and fight for their true heritage as daughters of God. Includes an in-depth study guide to help individuals and groups internalize the truths from this needed resource.