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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Oct 2005

A Purse-driven Christmas: So, What Did You Get Me?

by Anita Renfroe

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Anita Renfroe adds some sparkle to the Christmas season with this delightful book. Her candid writing and hilarious observations are guaranteed to bring a different perspective to the holiday’s more hectic moments.

The author’s intent in writing this book was to bring something different to today’s reader. She has certainly accomplished this. With her unique style and high energy “voice,” these pages seem to quiver with her enthusiasm and vitality. She has a talent for summing up a situation with a few well-chosen words.

There is a creative blending of the classic and the contemporary. Parking spaces and cyberspace are equally tackled with the author’s witty wisdom. Memories of the Easy Bake Oven bring back a taste of the good old days, while a section called “Orna-mental” stirs up thoughts of Martha Stewart. Poinsettias, crafts, and holiday home improvements each have a chapter that will have readers nodding their heads or laughing out loud. From personal anecdotes to public displays of faith and fun, there is something here for everyone.

The author has a firm grasp of humanity, which makes her insights genuinely funny. Yet, she also has a solid understanding of the spiritual side of this holy day, and that makes this book special. The last chapter sums up all the silliness in a nice little package. No, it’s not tied up in a bow, but it will remind readers of the greatest Gift ever given.

A Purse-Driven Christmas is rich with heartfelt humor and hilarious holiday moments! – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The happiest accessory for this holiday season. Welcome to the annual Christmas emotional roller coaster! For your safety, please keep your Norman Rockwell expectations quiet and fasten your sugarplum dreams low and tight across your hips.

Here we go! Happy? Check. Overwhelmed and understaffed? Check, check. Got your Martha Stewart complex, complete with hand-dyed, hand-tied ribbon on top? Triple check. Maybe it's time to toss those great holiday expectations out with last year's crushed bows.

Anita Renfroe presents A Purse-Driven Christmas, a lighthearted look at the fun, challenges, and just plain insanity of the most wonderful time of the year. Chock-full of candor and sass, Anita encourages us to step back and laugh at the craziness of the season.