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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jan 2006

The Hidden Life: Revelations from a Holy Journey

by Kitty Crenshaw & Catherine Snapp

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The Hidden Life by Kitty Crenshaw and Catherine Snapp, is the story of a soul’s path from deepest depression to deepest intimacy with Jesus Christ. It is the story of Betty Skinner’s journey and legacy to many other women.

Betty was born into an affluent, southern military family in 1926. The oldest of four children, she had all she could want—except her mother’s approval. Even as a child she struggled with who she was. Her father was her mainstay until he killed himself and shattered her world.

Her false front was already being erected as she stuffed her emotions to please her mother. Then, in 1948, she married Bryant Skinner. He was handsome and driven. In between having four children, she was expected to plan parties for hundreds of people and be involved in many other social activities. She was also very active in her church. The façade grew.

In 1968, she reached bottom emotionally, mentally, and physically and committed herself to the mental ward of their local hospital. That started her upward journey—a journey that helped her recognize her own personhood and, more importantly, the relationship that God desired to have with her and all who call Him Lord.

"Ultimately, the spiritual work for all of us is to take our identity from the One who calls us His beloved."

"Trust and letting go work mysteriously together. Nothing ever stays the same in our lives, and again and again we are called to let go in order to find a new way."

Betty learned to listen for God and to God. She learned to let Him envelop her with His love, and gradually found that love permeating every part of her until she was a part of that love. It was then that she found herself sharing His love with others who were struggling with depression—with their own identity.

This book is Betty’s life story and much more. It is God’s story of His desire for all of our lives. When Betty started searching for her own identity, she found God waiting to guide her and strengthen her through each painful step. There was forgiveness to give to her mother, and new understanding of her husband to embrace. Most of all, there was gratitude to her Lord and Creator.

This book will touch a cord in every person struggling with their own identity and their relationship with God. Women whom Betty’s life has touched and changed, beautifully wrote this. Thank you to all for sharing with us. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

There is a hidden place inside you filled with limitless freedom, love, peace, and compassion in Christ. How can you discover it?

Betty Skinner, a dedicated Christian wife and mother, was hospitalized with clinical depression in the 1960s, before modern therapies were available. As a result, Betty had to find her way to wholeness through determination and utter dependence on God. It was a frustrating and often lonely journey, but over time, God redeemed her dark, broken places and crafted a life that shines as a beacon of hope.

Kitty Crenshaw and Cathy Snapp beautifully capture Betty's amazing life story. Now, in the twilight of her years, Betty courageously offers her life story to you in total vulnerability. She walks beside you, encouraging you to follow a balanced path to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. As Betty says, "It is well to remember that Jesus was not primarily a teacher of information or morals. He was a teacher of a way that leads to internal transformation and a new heart brought about by a surrendered life deeply centered in God."