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299 pages
Sep 2005

Who Was Adam?

by Fazale Rana & Hugh Ross

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Who Was Adam? God’s own creation, assert Dr. Rana (chemistry), and Dr. Ross (astronomy). Both are deeply involved in the ministry of Reasons to Believe, and have set forth some mighty convincing proofs for the scientific basis of Creationism. The Introduction asks: Who Am I? It launches into the subject and the rationale behind this book – putting intelligent design to the test, while at the same time challenging Christians to handle the subject of evolution vs. creationism in a less emotional, more knowledgeable manner.

The format of this book is straightforward. Chapter 1 contrasts David’s declaration in Psalm 8 with Darwin's theories. Chapter 2 takes a look at fossils and evolutionary models. Chapter 3 presents the Reasons To Believe model. Chapters 4 -8 discuss the latest findings in science and apply them to both models. Chapter 9 -14 takes a hard look at evolution and some of its assertions, comparing them to creationism’s assertions. All references (both scientific and scriptural) are fully annotated in the end notes. A useful index adds further value.

Who Was Adam? asks and capably answers the question, “Do I have value and purpose, or am I an accident of nature?” It is definitely a book that addresses today’s issues, one that will be useful for families, home, public, and private schools, and both secular and church group work. Having been a creationist for many years, I found great interest and an even greater challenge in this volume and recommend it for everyone. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What is Man? Was Adam an accident of nature or a deliberate purposeful design?

While observations seem to validate evolutionary theory, long before Darwin a man named David voiced a different view. And, both men can’t be right. Cutting-edge research presents new findings on:

  • The hominid fossil record?
  • Junk DNA?
  • Neanderthals?
  • Human and chimp genetic similarity?

Biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross discuss these discoveries and propose a new scientifically testable model for human origins. Can human evolution be declared a fact? Or does creation make more scientific sense?