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128 pages
Jun 2004

When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances

by Carol Kent

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Adam and Eve faced desperate family problems. Abraham met a terrible decision concerning his son. Parenting has not gotten easier with the centuries. How do Christian parents cope? With candor and empathy, bravely sharing her parenting nightmare, Carol Kent open heartedly discusses the deep, penetrating answers she gleaned under the Lordís tutelage.

When I Lay My Isaac Down quickly plunges into the unthinkable: an adult Christian son commits murder and receives punishment. Carol and her husband Gene are brutally thrust into the heart sacrifices met by Abraham when he was called to sacrifice his son Isaac. In ever deepening pain and irrevocability, chapter by chapter Carol shares her story, wrapping it round with the universally essential lessons she learned from God via Abraham. What should be despair, under Godís direction, becomes unshakable faith and triumph. The effects on all facets of life are considered, such as, marriage, work, eating, sleeping, despair, friendships, accepting God's will. The emerging picture includes: clinging to God and His Word, transparency with your spouse, coping with rampant emotions, the inestimable treasure of new and old Christian friends, and coping with the desperation faced by the guilty and his family. With Godís workable pattern emerging, each chapter ends by listing questions, personalizing the ideas for the reader. These questions facilitate the use of this book for group study.

Consider the ending advice, page 186, ďIf you are still clutching your Isaac to your chest, running around in circles saying, ĎGodís not going to get what I have!í make a choice. Misery or joy...Is the alternative to laying down our Isaacs that appealing? I donít think so.Ē

When I Lay My Isaac Down is for all Christians yearning to serve God utterly, as well as for parents, in trouble yet or not, grandparents, friends, and siblings. It will also be a useful addition to the counseling bookshelf. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What would you do if God called you to completely entrust your son or daughter to Him? God used Isaac to test Abraham's faith in Genesis 22. How will you respond if He pushes your faith to the brink of falling apart?

Carol Kent's life changed forever when her twenty-five year old son, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a lieutenant in the navy with an impeccable military record, shot and killed his wife's ex-husband.

For the first time, Carol Kent tells her heartbreaking story and opens her heart to share priceless lessons on choosing hope over despair.