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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Apr 2004

Secrets of a Mid-Life Mom

by Jane Jarrell

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Book Jacket:

That's not wrinkle cream—it's Desitin!

You used to worry about budget reports and quarterly earnings. Now it seems the only thing on your mind is potty training and getting your ten-month-old to take her nap. It's funny how quickly and completely life can change!

A first-time mom in her mid thirties, Jane Jarrell wants other "mid-life moms" to know that it will take time to adjust to their new role and lifestyle. Using what she calls a written talk-show format, Jane takes on issues such as:

• Exploring career options and fearing the future
• Being the oldest mom in the car pool
• Dealing with inevitable self-esteem and identity issues
• Keeping spiritually vibrant amid major changes and stress