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Picture Book
32 pages
Sep 2006
FamilyLife Publishing

What God Has Always Wanted

by Charles F. Boyd

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Have you ever tried to explain the gospel – Old Testament to New Testament – to someone who had no Bible background? Concepts such as salvation, sin, and redemption aren’t easy for most parents to communicate. A good teacher is able to explain complicated concepts and make them simple. Author Charlie Boyd successfully takes the entire Bible and distills it into a simple theme for children: God wants to be friends with us. From the creation, the giving of the Ten Commandments, and Jesus’ life and death on earth, he shows how the thread of God’s friendship connects all the stories of the Bible.

Taking the concept of friendship with God, the writer begins with Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve fellowshipped with God. When they disobeyed Him, they no longer could be friends with their Creator. By not trusting Him, they broke down the relationship between God and man. As a result, people became more and more selfish. They would fight each other. They became sick. God started a plan to rescue them; He started a nation with a man named Abraham. God also gave His people the Ten Commandments as well as priests and prophets to help them. As the story works its way to Jesus, it shows how He befriended many people and loved even people who didn’t like Him. He died so we could become friends again with God.

Finally, the writer tells children how the church today prays, and takes care of people because these people (in the church) love God. One day He will make things new as we live in the kingdom of Heaven.

With a broad overview, Charles Boyd encapsulates the essence of the gospel with a tight, clear story for children. As an extra bonus, he adds a glossary in the back of the book explaining common biblical words. This small book will equip any parent who struggles, to convey precious truths to their children. – Carol G. Stratton, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Bible’s Big Idea from Genesis through Revelation

If a child asked, “What’s the Bible all about?” how would you answer? This could be more difficult than you think. … “Uh, well, the Bible is about … God, Jesus, sin, salvation, … going to heaven … being good … doctrine.” All those are important, yet none qualify as the Bible’s “big idea.”

Part of the problem is how we’ve come to view the Bible. We see sixty-six separate books instead of one story—God’s Story. Because we’ve not been clear on this ourselves, we’ve not been able to make it clear to our children...