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Trade Paperback
170 pages
Sep 2003
Regal Books

Suffering in Slow Motion

by Pamala and Richard Kennedy

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"If two writers ever opened a vein and let their story pour out, Pamala Kennedy and Richard Kennedy do so in Suffering in Slow Motion. The Kennedys chronicle their story of Richard's battle with fronto-temporal dementia, 'a rare form of dementia' which initially manifests itself with personality and behavioral changes. It progresses with Alzheimer's-like symptoms and ends in death.

"Though sharing the pain of their personal experience, the Kennedys offer spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance on dealing with terminal illness in whatever form it takes. Pamala adapted much of Richard's writing from the journals he has kept during his illness.

"The Kennedys identify who is writing each section by printing in boldface who is the author. They encourage readers to recognize and minister to the heartaches of others by including the stories of others who have faced heartbreaking illnesses or accidents themselves or with family members.

"Ending each chapter with questions for discussion, suggestions for personal application, and advice for the caregiver, they have structured the book for group or personal use. They describe the fears we face with a terminal illness, what suffering is and what its purpose is, learning to trust God even when He does not heal, keeping the family close, ways friends can help, making the lonely decisions, and finding comfort in God. They offer extra encouragement to the caregiver.

"The book is well written and engaging with much personal illustration and liberal use of scripture. They offer a ten-page appendix of organizations to contact for conditions from aging to strokes.

"Living with the specter of genetically-linked Alzheimer's in my family, I have read several books on dementia and Alzheimer's. Another book in which an Alzheimer's victim courageously shares the story of his early onset Alzheimer's is Losing My Mind: An Intimate Look at Life with Alzheimer's by Thomas DeBaggio. Though both books courageously share the struggles of the authors, the Kennedys' book maintains an eternal perspective and an optimistic trust in God while DeBaggio's account draws the reader into his grief.

"Not only does Suffering in Slow Motion provide practical guidance, it also offers hope for eternity and comfort. I would not hesitate to offer it to those enduring a terminal illness or to their family members." -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

How does it feel to be diagnosed with a terminal illness? How do you handle your journey toward death? How does it feel to be the spouse or caretaker of the one who is increasingly debilitated? Where can I get help? Where is God in all this? This book answers these questions and many more. Author Richard Kennedy says, "In the end, it comes down to three things: faith, family, and friends." Pamala adds, "I pray that our family’s suffering has done some good, that these words will get off the pages and into hearts."