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Trade Paperback
67 pages
Oct 2010
Reformation Trust Publishing

What is Faith?

by R.C Sproul

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Dr. R. C. Sproul’s What is Faith? focuses on one of the foundational concepts of the Christian faith, and also one of the hardest to understand. Does the word faith refer to an attitude of hope, a commitment to trust, or something else? In this book, celebrated theologian Dr. Sproul concisely explores the concept of faith in Christianity. His insights include examinations of trust, belief, one’s natural understanding of a deity, loyalty, and conscious acceptance of a higher power.

Even though this booklet is not even seventy pages, it does an excellent job of pinpointing the key aspects of faith, while anticipating questions most people have about what may seem an ambiguous topic. By referring to specific passages of Scripture and by delving deeply into the teachings of Christ on the topic of faith, Dr. Sproul provides concrete logic to an abstract philosophical challenge. Those who are strong in their faith will find support here for their beliefs, and those who seek evidence for a rationale for engaging in faith will find the foundation they’ve been seeking. – Aaron Johnson,

Book Jacket:

The word faith is heard often these days, but it is given many different meanings. Sometimes it is used in the sense of trust. Other times, it has more to do with hope. Perhaps most often, it is used to mean belief in something apart from rational or empirical support.

Because faith is central to the Christian life, believers must have a clear understanding of how the Bible defines the word and the concept. In this Crucial Questions booklet, Dr. R. C. Sproul looks to Hebrews 11, the great faith chapter of the Bible, for a definition of faith and numerous examples of it in the lives of the saints. He shows that faith, in scriptural terms, is not believing in God but believing God and living according to His Word. Armed with this helpful teaching, readers will gain clarity as to whether the faith they profess is the genuine article.