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Trade Paperback
69 pages
Sep 2010
Reformation Trust Publishing

What Does It Mean to be Born Again?

by R.C Sproul

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Dr. R. C. Sproul in his booklet What Does It Mean to be Born Again?, begins by focusing on the poignant conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus when Christ asserted that one must be “born again” in order to enter the kingdom. This statement confused Nicodemus, who wondered if the Lord was talking about some bizarre act of re-entering his mother’s womb. Many people since then have been just as confused as Nicodemus. In this book, acclaimed theologian Dr. Sproul concisely breaks down what it means to be born again. He explains the concepts of redemption, baptism, sanctification, and rededication. By bringing in historical perspectives and providing relational comparisons to modern needs, he shows the timelessness of this opportunity for all people to redeem themselves in a symbolically purifying experience.

At fewer than seventy pages, this book is the epitome of brevity, but that does not mean it is superficial. Dr. Sproul does an excellent job of quickly delving deep into this profound theological topic while keeping the overall work comprehensible to any lay reader. This book is an excellent resource that can lie ready in your back pocket for quick theological reading breaks. It would also be a great resource to give to friends who are wrestling with aspects of what it means to become a Christian. – Aaron Johnson,

Book Jacket:

When Jesus explained the necessity of the new birth, the Jewish leader Nicodemus asked in astonishment, how can these things be? Some two thousand years later, much confusion still surrounds the term born again, though more people than ever people claim to have had the experience.

In this Crucial Questions booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul cuts through the confusion and carefully explains what it means, biblically and theologically, to be born again. He affirms, first of all, that Jesus wasn't kidding new birth is essential then goes on to show what the new birth is and how it occurs. His clear teaching will provide understanding for those who are unfamiliar with the new birth and deeper assurance for those who may not know where they stand with God.

As a gifted communicator, R.C. Sproul has helped many believers grow in their understanding of such matters as the nature of God, the history of redemption, and the manner in which we are saved. Now Dr. Sproul's lucid teaching on these vital matters is available in a series of concise booklets that are perfect for personal learning and refreshing, as well as small-group study. For a quick introduction to matters at the very core of the Christian life, for yourself or a friend, consider the Crucial Questions booklets from Reformation Trust Publishing.