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Trade Paperback
178 pages
Mar 2010
Reformation Trust Publishing

Welcome to a Reformed Church

by Daniel R. Hyde

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Welcome to a Reformed Church by Daniel B. Hyde is a rather small book of fewer than 200 pages yet is packed with information about the history, beliefs, and practice of what makes a church Reformed. In the introduction, Hyde writes the purpose for his book: “My prayer in writing this book is that I can begin to clear up any misunderstandings you might have about what Reformed churches believe and even begin to open your eyes to a new world, a new way of looking at the faith that was ‘once for all delivered to the saints’ (Jude 3). Frankly, I do not want you sitting at a table in confusion as I did so many years ago. I invite you to read this book as if we were in a conversation together as pilgrims on a road, discussing the Scriptures, church history, and the Christian life as understood by those branches of Christ's church that call themselves ‘Reformed’” (p. xxvi).

Hyde begins by giving the reader a brief history lesson, addressing the roots of Reformed Christianity and spending some time addressing the confessions -- the doctrinal foundations that the Reformed church is built on. As I was reading this, I realized how very important these confessions are to the church. As the author notes, his book cannot sufficiently summarize the Reformed faith and encourages readers to look more fully into the creeds and confessions. On page 33 he writes, "I recognize, though, that a short introduction to our beliefs may persuade you to stop looking in our church windows, and to walk in the front door." I think this book does a very good job of this. For those that know the history and beliefs of the Reformed Church, this might be a review. For some that are a bit newer to the Reformed faith or curious to what it really is about and believes, this book is perfectly suited for them.

Additional chapters in Welcome to a Reformed Church include: Scripture: The Final Authority; Covenant: God's story; Justification: Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone; Church: Distinguishing Marks; Worship: Of God, by God, for God; and Preaching and Sacraments. There are also two appendices: one in a question-and-answer style, the other with recommended books for further reading.

Though this book is short, I learned things about the Reformed faith and was challenged to re-examine a bit more fully what I believe and why I believe it. I found this book biblically accurate, and really helped solidify my beliefs on the foundational subjects of my faith. – Victoria Blackmon,

Book Jacket:

Who are these guys? That was the question the teenage Daniel R. Hyde posed to his father when he first encountered Reformed believers. With their unique beliefs and practices, these Christians didn t fit any of the categories in his mind.

Not so many years later, Hyde is now Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, a pastor of a Reformed church. Recognizing that many are on the outside looking in, just as he once was, he wrote Welcome to a Reformed Church: A Guide for Pilgrims to explain what Reformed churches believe and why they structure their life and worship as they do.

In layman s terms, Rev. Hyde sketches the historical roots of the Reformed churches, their scriptural and confessional basis, their key beliefs, and the ways in which those beliefs are put into practice. The result is a roadmap for those encountering the Reformed world for the first time and a primer for those who want to know more about their Reformed heritage.