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Trade Paperback
348 pages
Sep 2004
Paraclete Press

The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others

by Scot McKnight

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Scot McKnight’s excellent book, The Jesus Creed, is a comprehensive look at the life of Christ and the Torah. Judaism is not displaced in this book, but embraced for what it truly is: a way of love.

Formerly a seminary professor, Scot McKnight understands both sides of the pulpit: from the young and pierced to the scholarly is well established in this thought-provoking book. The book is broken down into five parts: the Jesus Creed; Stories of the Jesus Creed; Society of the Jesus Creed; Living the Jesus Creed; and Jesus and the Jesus Creed. Each part consists of five chapters, which open with a scripture passage for reading and contemplation. With a glossary of terms, most of which are Hebrew, this book is layman-friendly. While not a quick read, it is definitely one to savor.

In a world rife with “classificationitis,” McKnight makes striking parallels of biblical figures to modern day life. Familiar heroes of the Bible are refreshingly presented in ways that intrigue and inspire. Daunting in its size of 335 pages, it is well worth the effort and time invested to digest the meat of this book. McKnight writes with clarity and precision, which leaves one feeling they have sat at the feet of a master.

I put off reading this behemoth far too long, yet when I began it I could not put it down. Don’t let its size keep you from journeying into the depths of this timely word for the church. A look at the table of contents did not impress me, but the actual reading of the book did. For all who long to know Jesus intimately and live as He lived, I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you along the way and be a light to your path. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When an expert in the law asked Jesus for the greatest commandment, Jesus responded with the Shema, the ancient Jewish creed that commands Israel to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. But the next part of Jesus' answer would change the course of history. Jesus ammended the Shema, giving his followers a new creed for life: to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, but also to love other as themselves. Discover how the Jesus Creed of love for God and others can transform your life.