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180 pages
Sep 2010

Purpose Driven Public Speaking

by Dr. Gary Rodriguez

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Purpose Driven Public Speaking by Dr. Gary Rodriguez incorporates a robust amount of wisdom – fashioned like the speech methods it teaches – in a compact, well organized, and fluid presentation. Rodriguez, a specialist in high-level executive coaching and conflict resolution, gives the secrets to successful speech giving, a staple of his own career.

Whereas the information within this book’s pages proves useful, the manner in which it comes alive through the use of seamless logic, real examples, and pertinent anecdotes, mimics the memorable points of a good speech. If only public speaking within the classroom could be taught so simplistically.

The core of this book helps with rhetorical structure and has a potential speaker answer four questions: to whom am I speaking; how much time do I have to speak; what subject will I be addressing; and what is my desired outcome. The rest highlights these main points with details and tips.

Overall, this book hammers its thesis wonderfully, delivering everything it promises and more. I recommend this book not only the people drawn (or forced) to give speeches, but also to anyone who speaks at all; the wisdom in this book will rub off on any person who puts its words to practice. – Matthew J. Mimnaugh,

Book Jacket:

Purpose Driven Public Speaking is a book designed to teach speakers "How to Develop and Deliver Purposeful Talks, Speeches, and Presentations with Less Fear and More Confidence." Sooner or later, you will be asked or forced to speak in a public setting. Although this thought exhilarates some, it terrifies most. Fear of public speaking silences many voices. Unfortunately, this type of silence can limit your career, influence, and potential for success. Most likely, you are looking at this book because you either want or need to learn to speak in public. No matter the reason, here you will find practical insights and tools designed to improve your ability to speak in front of others.