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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Oct 2011
Howard Books

Miracle on Hope Hill: And Other True Stories of God's Love

by Carol Kent & Jennie A. Dimkoff

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Miracle on Hope Hill is an inspiring book with compilations of true stories from Carol Kent and Jennie Afman Dimkoff. Through the eyes of many people, the authors inspire readers with the reality of Godís love through these heart-warming tales. Each story, only a few pages long, has a new lesson or an encouraging thought that will stick with readers all day.

The narratives are told in a casual, friendly way and readers canít help but feel drawn in. Kent and Dimkoff tell of many events from their own experiences, whereas others are repeated secondhand from friends. Each author, growing up as a pastorís daughter, gives special insight into stories about Godís generous and diverse love.

These interesting narratives surprise and empower readers, such as the story about answered prayer when a house was sold through a random meeting of a stranger who was in search of a home. Dimkoffís daughter received miraculous healing in her legs when she was young. A friend needed to find a dress for a wedding she was going to attend. She specifically told God what she had in mind, and she found a dress exactly as she described. Not a page goes by without the readerís heart feeling a little lighter.

Overall, Miracle on Hope Hill is well-written and provides enjoyable reading sessions with the authors. Kent and Dimkoff are masters at storytelling. By the end of each chapter, readers feel like they know the people in each vignette. I highly recommend this book. Women will especially find the anecdotes inspiring. Ė Molly Anderson,

Book Jacket:

Miracle on Hope Hill is a collection of true, inspiring stories that show God's love and affirmation intervening in the lives of ordinary people. It includes stories of romance, heartache, tragedy, and celebration, but all with the common thread of "God moments" that show his love, intervention, and blessing.

Every now and then such moments are so spectacular that we can't miss them. But far more often we miss them altogether, perhaps calling our experience a stroke of good luck or taking credit for the unexpected blessing as simply "our due." However, when we truly consider these events,we discover how ever-present God is and we begin to recognize ways in which God is affirming, leading, and demonstrating his love for us.

At times his touch is one of comfort when we are hurting. It may come quietly, unexpectedly, or from the hand of someone he has moved to meet our need. Other times we may be so consumed with despair that we assume God has abandoned us. But he has not. His love is shown to us in subtle ways that we sometimes miss because we are so caught up in the complexity or misery of our circumstances.

Carol and Jennie have both contributed over the years to successful collections of stories published by Honor, Zondervan, NavPress, and others. For the first time they are collaborating, two sisters telling stories that uplift, encourage, and inspire.

Each of the forty stories is between 1000 and 1200 words in length and ends with a verse of Scripture.