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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Jun 2010
B & H Publishing

Havah: The Story of Eve

by Tosca Lee

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Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee tells the infamous tale of humanity’s fall from the perspective of the first woman. From Havah’s first awakening at the command of God to her loss of innocence at the enticement of the serpent -- from paradise to exile and beyond -- Lee poetically depicts the raw pleasures, betrayals, and anguish Havah experiences through the course of her long life.

Told in first person narrative from Havah’s perspective, this novel portrays the intense and real relationship that actually might have occurred between the first man and woman and then later with their children. Among many others, Lee explores the concepts of walking with God, paradise, a talking serpent, the mark of Cain, and life in exile. What secrets died with the first couple? Did they ever try to go back to Eden? Did Cain mean to kill Abel? Did they ever see Cain again?

Although Lee clearly takes dramatic license with this story, literature has yet to provide such a holistic portrayal of the character of Havah (Eve) and her life’s journey. Although she awakens with the personality and knowledge of an infant, Havah quickly grows into a fiery woman who knows what she wants and is fiercely protective of her family. She is a woman who receives dreams and visions from “the One,” from seeing the creation of the world to the prediction of strife between her first two sons.

Throughout the novel is the theme of promise. Havah holds on like a lifeline to the One’s prediction of her seed crushing the serpent’s head under his heel, and she believes that once her son has defeated the serpent she and her family will be able to return to paradise. Havah’s view on what humanity lost in the Fall adds a new and more colored perspective to how we see our present state of life.

The story ends as poetically as it begins. Women will feel an affinity with Havah as she learns how to live and find pleasure in a fallen world, as she seeks what she has lost. Satisfying and thought-provoking, Tosca Lee’s Havah: The Story of Eve is recommended for anyone looking for a new and entertaining perception of the first woman and the start of humanity. – Stephanie Warner,

Book Jacket:

She knew this earth when it was perfect—like her, for a time. Made by God in a manner like no other, she lived in utter peace without flaw in paradise until one fateful decision changed everything. Now, all humanity suffers for her mistake. But what did it feel like then to first sin and be exiled, to see all innocence crumble so vividly, and a strange new world take its place? Experience the epic dawn of mankind through the eyes and heart of Eve—the woman first known as Havah.