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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Mar 2011
Crossway Books

Hope for Your Heart: Finding Strength in Life's Storms

by June Hunt

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In Hope for Your Heart: Finding Strength in Life’s Storms, June Hunt tackles the challenging task of defining hope. Many Christians flippantly refer to hope but don’t stop to consider its life-changing ramifications. June Hunt has been a counselor for more than thirty years and titled this book after her worldwide biblical counseling ministry. Hunt shares from her own family’s pain and from the stories of many persons she has counseled. She is the author of many previous books, including How to Forgive…When You Don’t Feel Like It, Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes, and Keeping Your Cool…When Your Anger Is Hot!

After years of leading Hope for Your Heart ministry, Hunt actually tried to nail down the definition of hope. She came across Hebrews 6:19 which says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Throughout the book, Hunt uses this tangible metaphor of an anchor.

Hunt divides her book into three sections: “The Reasons for Hope,” “The Sources of Hope,” and “The Benefits of Hope.” In these sections, she continues to use metaphors related to the sea and also includes personal anecdotes. At the end of each chapter she also shares a brief lesson titled “Anchoring Your Hope” that makes a correlation between history (e.g. the Titanic) and our spiritual lives.

To be honest the title, Hope for Your Heart, and cover of this book did not grab my attention. Hunt’s sincerity and insights, however, truly changed my understanding of hope and drew me closer to Christ. Also, toward the end of the book, Hunt clearly presents the gospel in an accessible way. This would be an encouraging gift for someone in the midst of life’s storms. – Melinda Zurcher,

Book Jacket:

Hope is one of the prominent themes of the Bible. Despite Scripture’s teaching on the subject, however, the true, biblical meaning of hope is often misunderstood or reduced to mere sentimentalism.

Respected author and counselor June Hunt champions the healing power of hope. Stemming from Hunt’s ministry, Hope For the Heart speaks on a subject central to her calling. She explains how hope is much more than a vague emotion and specifies the ways it has the power to change lives. Shunning pop psychology and shallow inspirationalism, she instead consistently and faithfully looks at what the Bible says about hope. Each chapter flows from a central Scripture passage and is illustrated by real-life stories.

Those experiencing brokenness and hurt will find encouragement and healing as they encounter the hope of the Bible. Written from a counselor’s heart, this book will also benefit pastors and others engaged in counseling ministry.