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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Nov 2010
Abingdon Press

Long Time Coming

by Vanessa Miller

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Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller illustrates how God works in two strangersí lives, involving them with each other and bringing them both closer to Him. Deidre Morris is a 32-year-old elementary school principal married to a soldier. Kenisha Smalls is a 23-year-old single mother of three children, each from a different father, living in the projects. Kenisha is dying of cancer. These two women come to know one another and help each other grow closer to God and find comfort in Him. Through all of the pain, suffering, and depressing agony, these women find joy.

Vanessa Miller does an excellent job with dialogue. It is very similar to how people actually talk; she captures the dialect of people from the projects. Kenisha and Deidre donít start off on the best note. Kenisha has a radiation treatment at the hospital at the time that her oldest son Jamal needs to be picked up from school. She has asked her older sister Aisha to pick up her son, but Aisha becomes too preoccupied with her own life to pick up her nephew. Deidre, as Jamalís principal, then has to stay after with Jamal, and eventually takes him back to her house until his mother can pick him up. When Kenisha finally gets to Deidreís home, Deidre makes strong assumptions about Kenishaís character, wrongly accusing her of neglecting her son, even threatening to call Child Services. Although these two donít start out on the best of terms and continue to be somewhat bitter with one another, they slowly start to warm up to each other and eventually become great friends.

Kenisha and Deidre bring each other closer to God and accept the way He is working in her life. Both realize that although it may seem that God is not answering prayers and they donít always understand why He lets them suffer, He always has a plan and He will always bring comfort and joy.

Long Time Coming is a wonderful story about how God moves in mysterious ways, yet always provides for those who believe in Him. I would highly recommend this book as it teaches that God is faithful. Ė Andi Passaglia,

Book Jacket:

Faithful Christian Deidre Clark-Morris is a professional career-minded woman with a loving husband, but no children. Kenisha Smalls has lived in poverty all her life. She has three children by three different men and has just been diagnosed with inoperable cervical cancer. While the meeting between these two women appears accidental, it becomes their catalyst of hope. Neither woman expects the blessing that God has in store for her. While Deidre will guide Kenisha on the path to eternal life with Jesus Christ, Kenisha will teach Deidre how to stand strong against the hard-knocks of life.