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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Jul 2010
Tyndale House Publishers

The Witness

by Josh McDowell

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Filled with action and suspense, The Witness by Josh McDowell keeps pages turning and minds turning even faster. The main character, Marwan Accad, finds himself witnessing the murder of a client for whom he was doing private investigation work. With others then attempting to kill Accad, he is forced to flee the country and to hide in Europe and northern Africa. This journey awakens many suppressed emotions within him that change his relationships with others and his perspective on life.

Readers see the viewpoints of Accad and his pursuers as each character separately pieces together the truth behind the crimes. Along the way, Accad, knowing he must be careful of whom he can trust, finds new relationships filled with the unexpected feeling of love. However, he also realizes how painful this love can be. In a stunning scene, Marwan’s childhood friend, Kadeem, is wretchedly and unexpectedly murdered for aiding Marwan in his hiding. Through this Marwan must come to grips with the principle of John 15:13 which states, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

As Marwan Accad tiptoes throughout the world, he must find a way to prove his innocence while solving the original crime. In the process of all the deceit and violence, Accad must evaluate his own character and what will happen to him when he will be judged for his actions, both by man and by God.

Accad is not only battling others, he is continually battling himself. In the first few chapters we see him as a hard-hearted, self-righteous, intelligent, but relational private security agent. However, throughout his journey he wrestles with new feelings, fresh relationships, and trusting things unseen. By softening his stiffened heart a little at a time and letting others explore it with him, Accad learns what it means to love and be loved again. His life is radically changed in the process.

Although I was shocked by the opening violence, I found The Witness to be a thrilling and stimulating novel. The fast-paced action of the book kept me interested while still being able to slowly process the struggles of the main character. At the end, the book had me wanting more of the story. I would recommend this book to a reader who likes action and isn’t afraid of the graphic violence portrayed. – Becky Jacobs,

Book Jacket:

From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into danger. Nurtured by a bitter past that equipped him with what he needed for his company to thrive, Marwan Accad never looks back. Yet the way forward promises only uncertainty, and living each day is a lie in which corruption and greed play in the lives of man. For whose lie is he going through all of this? Even as Marwan races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, he must grapple with what is beyond his life, with what is eternal.