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368 pages
Mar 2008
Tyndale House

Searching for Spice (Linda Revere Series #1)

by Megan DiMaria

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Are you a woman who is looking for more romance in your marriage? If so, you’re not alone. Linda Revere, in Megan DiMaria’s book, Searching for Spice, is on a mission to add zip and zeal to her twenty-five-year marriage to Jerry. Unfortunately, life keeps getting in her way. Problems with their children, her boss, customers, the family dog, and personal health keep her from finding the sizzle she seeks.

Linda’s dreams of sitting on the porch with Jerry surrounded by a lush garden with twinkling lights on the bordering Aspen trees, sipping pale nectar from china goblets and listening to music from the 70’s get interrupted by constant real life conflicts. Instead, she finds herself dancing with Betty, her vacuum cleaner. (What woman gives a name to her vacuum cleaner?)

Readers will find Linda’s energy and quirky personality refreshing. DiMaria gives us a personal and up-close view into the mind of a woman who could be any one of us. Married women with children will be able to relate to Linda’s dilemmas and be entertained as they watch how she overcomes the bumps in her road. They’ll want to emulate her family’s strong Christian values, too.

When Jerry makes a stand to teach their teenage daughter to do the right thing and admit her wrong-doing, Linda begins to doubt his decision. What if their daughter goes to jail for her admission? Is doing the right thing worth it if their daughter’s future is destroyed? But Jerry stands firm in his decision, even though it threatens their marriage. He says, “If we remain united, and put our trust in God, this trial will pass.” This follows Psalm 37:5, which says, “Commit yourself unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He will bring it to pass.”

Searching for Spice is a married chick book for those who want to chuckle and feel affirmed in their own obstacles in finding more marital romance. Hopefully, women will find personal answers through Linda’s humor. -- Michelle Weidenbenner,

Book Jacket:

Linda Revere longs to have a sizzling affair . . . with her husband—a practical, no-nonsense community college science teacher. Unfortunately, life isn’t scripted, and nothing goes according to plan. From having a demanding boss and at times a frustrating job to helping her family and friends with their troubles, life seems to be preventing Linda from achieving her goal of an exciting and passionate marriage. Linda hopes God will answer her prayers to jazz up her marriage, but is she ready for what happens next?