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416 pages
Jan 2008
Tyndale House

Torrent Falls

by Jan Watson

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Copper Brown Corbett and her daughter Lilly Gray Corbett find themselves struggling for survival after returning from Lexington in Jan Watson’s newest novel Torrent Falls. Copper has high hopes of reviving her father’s rundown farm while he and the rest of her family live in Philadelphia. However, being a widowed woman leaves Copper straining to fulfill her duties, both as a successful farmer and a loving mother. Because Copper feels torn between helping others and rearing Lilly, she fights the decision to let herself fall in love once again.

Jan Watson has a unique way of capturing the emotions of the characters, leaving the reader feeling a connection with all characters involved. The intense love and spiritual soundness that Copper finds in John Pelfrey is unwavering. Both Copper and John learn the importance of faith and patience as their time together becomes threatened and almost forbidden. After an unexpected arrival of an old friend of Copper’s and the wife of John (thought to be dead), Copper and John are forced to choose between remaining holy and giving in to the temptation of following their own desires for each other.

Taking over the family farm was Copper’s escape from a lonely life in Lexington after her husband Simon had died in a tragic accident. And, although Copper had felt the need to move on with her life, she never expected that one of the greatest cures for pain and grief of lost love would be to give more love away. As seasons change and time continues, Copper finds herself intrigued by John Pelfrey. Yet, Copper struggles with letting go of the past and moving forward. Even when she does let herself love, circumstances threaten the possibility of a life spent with John. Running a farm and bringing up a child cannot compare with the new challenge set before her. Trusting God becomes nearly impossible as the two adults struggle to remain together.

Copper’s dedication to her relationship with God is what strengthens her spirit and magnifies her determination to be a living testimony of Christ to those around her, especially those closest to her. Copper’s love affects all of those around her, including Darcy and Dimmert, who help Copper with the farm, and Cara, who comes to Copper for help for her pregnant mother, and Hezzy, who helps Remy Riddle (John’s first wife) heal. Copper’s love and kindness help many of these hurting people arrive at a state of peace. Each character is well thought out and significant to both the plot and message of Torrent Falls.

Overall, Torrent Falls is a great story demonstrating the reward of remaining faithful to God and His laws. Women from ages fifteen and up would thoroughly enjoy this novel. In fact, this book would make a great gift for any woman who loves a clean, romantic story with a spiritual foundation. -- Katlyn Smith, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the wake of a devastating tragedy, Copper Brown Corbett returns with her daughter to her beloved home on Troublesome Creek. Yet she feels as dilapidated as the farm she inherited from her father, and Copper finds that neither her life nor her home are what they once were. Desperate to rekindle the easy faith she had as a child, she searches for peace and God’s direction in the serenity of the mountains.

A skilled midwife, Copper devotes her heart to ministering to the women of eastern Kentucky, but she’s also drawn to John Pelfrey—a long-lost sweetheart. She once believed she could never love again, but Copper begins to give her heart to John, only to discover that he’s hiding something from her—a secret he buried at Torrent Falls. A secret that continues to haunt him and threatens to keep them apart. . . .