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32 pages
Feb 2007

Wait Until Then

by Randy Alcorn

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Wait Until Then by Randy Alcorn is a beautiful story about a wheelchair-bound young boy and his grandfather who is dying of cancer. They share a great love for baseball.

Nathan wants more than anything to be able to run and walk like other kids so he can really play baseball. His grandfather knows this and tries to show him that there are other things far more important.

They have many good talks as they fish, play catch, and just spend time together. As Grandpa explains why we have suffering and bad things, he also talks about a time when all will be made new and Nathan will be able to run and jump just like other boys on the New Earth. Grandpa also tells Nathan and his brother and sister about Heaven and how Jesus is building a special place there for each person.

Alcorn designed this book to be used to open dialogue with children about Heaven—what it is like and how to get there. The plan of salvation is presented within the story. Every page is a full-color illustration of the story. It is recommended for the ages of six through ten and will be a great book to be handed down from generation to generation. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Nathan loved baseball.

He watched it on TV . . . went to games . . . read books about it . . . and collected baseball cards.

And he talked and dreamed with his grandfather about running the bases. Gramps always told him, “I’m pretty sure our best baseball is still ahead of us.”

Nathan loved that idea.

Let best-selling author Randy Alcorn help your child understand what the Bible says about Heaven, a place that’s worth the wait.