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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Apr 2006

Maggie's Story

by Dandi Daley Mackall

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Maggie Dale is a woman who feels she has seen all that life has to offer and it has left her feeling empty. Working as a bartender gives her the money to afford a small apartment where she can hide from the world and mute reality with drugs. But nothing could have kept Joshua Davidson from her view. There was something that sets this man apart from other guys she had known. Maybe it is the way love pours out of him wherever he goes or the way he is gently challenging those around him. Whatever the reason, one thing leads to the next and, before she knows it, Maggie finds herself in an RV among his followers. She remains uncertain of where she is going, but she is with Josh.

This could initially be taken as a typical or bizarre love story. That would be partly true. It is a love story, but it isn’t one of the everyday varieties. From the moment Josh makes wine trickle out of the water faucet at a friend’s wedding, it is clear that this is the story of Jesus dropped into the 21st century, all told from the view of Mary Magdaline, here known as Maggie.

Though the story is easy to follow for anyone even remotely familiar with the scriptural accounts of the life of Jesus, it suffers several jolts due to the modern day translation. Reading about Christ being lethally injected for all human kind just doesn’t hold the same meaning. Another weakness springs out of the plethora of characters who are consistently introduced, left underdeveloped and then dropped off like so many hot potatoes.

The best thing this book has going for it is the principle character, Maggie. It is her well-developed emotions that draw the reader in. I didn’t anticipate much initially, but as the book rolled on, Maggie brought something to the story that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. The letters she writes to her aborted child are touching and strike a chord deeper than this story deserves. Mackall is an experienced author who has written numerous books for both children and adults. I wouldn’t credit this as her best work, but it still manages to make the final cut for me. -- Lauren L. Steigerwald, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Maggie Dale’s on a fast track to nowhere . . . stuck at a dead-end job in a podunk town in Ohio.

Then a stranger comes to town. Does he have what she’s looked for all her life? Could she really be a part of “something bigger”? Could love be something more than what she’s always known?

Controversy swirls around Josh Davidson, a former construction worker. Even CNN’s covering his story. Maggie’s caught in the middle, between hope and horror, as the world watches.

Maggie’s Story is a contemporary look at the compelling story of Mary Magdalene—what if it happened today?