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Trade Paperback
193 pages
Jan 2007

B.L.E.S.S.E.D.: Discovering God's Bigger Dream for You

by Robyn Henk

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B.L.E.S.S.E.D. by Robyn Henk is a masterful study on "discovering Godís bigger dream for you." Robyn Henk had always dreamed of being the mother of a large family. But after her marriage to Greg, Robyn discovered that she was unable to have children. God had a "bigger" plan.

When she and her husband did not qualify to adopt an American child, they applied to adopt a handicapped Vietnamese child. Robyn and Greg eventually ended up adopting six handicapped children. But they learned that handicap is a human termónot Godís. As they worked with each of their children and watched them blossom into beautiful individuals, they also found themselves blossoming into the person God meant them to be.

God is completely good and, therefore, can only do good. This was a lesson that she, and all of us, must choose to believe if we desire Godís best for our lives. "God likes to act in ways that will show His goodnessónot our abilities."

Robynís journal of her own personal growth as a person and in her relationship to the Lord is a study in how we each can grow as we yield our plans and dreams to God. "It is only when we surrender our attempts to achieve our own agendas that God finally begins to present His dream for our lives."

Each section is based on her acrostic for blessed:

    Believe in Godís goodness, regardless of our circumstances.
    Let go of our agendas and allow God to plan better lives for us.
    Embrace reality by accepting the truth of our lives and letting God use them for His glory.
    See from Godís heart by training ourselves to view life from the Kingdom perspective.
    Stay where we are while holding on to our faith and dependence on His providence.
    Expect to be blessed, looking for and receiving Godís fulfillment on a daily basis.
    Dedicate it all to Christ. Live for the One who died for us!

At the end of each section, she has questions for discussion or reflection. She has also included an appendix with the names of God and one for prayer and solitude.

This is a wonderful book you will read over and over again because you will find yourself changed a little more each time. Ė Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Expectations shattered. Dreams deferred. What if Godís idea of blessing is far more than we can ask or imagine?

If life is not what you dreamed it would be, itís time for you to be B.L.E.S.S.E.D.

Bible teacher Robyn Henk learned the secrets of Godís blessing in the crucible of her own shattered dreams. Her storyóand the scriptural lessons she shares along with itówill touch you at the point of your own dreams and draw you closer to Godís heart. Along the way you will find, as Robyn did, that letting go of human agendas allows God to work out his bigger, better dream for blessing you.

Robynís message and insight enter new territory that only one who has dealt with her own deep disappointment could cover, and her unique principles for living will make a dreamerís heart soar.