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Trade Paperback
216 pages
Jan 2006

Revelations of a Single Woman

by Connally Gilliam

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"The truth is, however, that although there might be no place like home, there are also no sparkly red shoes to get me back there," wrote Connally Gilliam (isn't that a beautiful name!). "I have clicked my heels and mantra-ed until I'm blue in the face, but I'm still stuck in a world replete with wicked witches, fake wizards, and a bunch of kindhearted munchkins (not to mention a few other traveling companions)."

Revelations of a Single Woman is an intellectual book for the smart woman who realizes, "The culture of my past has bequeathed me a chest full of currency, much of it now undervalued; I know the rules for games that almost nobody plays anymore," Gilliam describes. The paradigm for women has shifted away from young mothers and young families, creating an inviting home. Even so, the author reminds readers that only God, His Word, and human souls are eternal. Highly educated, world traveled, and a successful career woman, Gilliam asks, "And now that most of us can bring home our personal bacon and fry it up in a pan, and since intimacy seems elusive, the question for single women returns. Do women genuinely need men?"

It's a hot question in an era when enmity between woman and snake appears less than the enmity between woman and man. Divorce rates are higher than marriages. People Magazine recently featured photos of Hollywood stars and their babies, each caption needing to name the father because "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage," is no longer the common procedure. So what is this mystery of men and women needing each other? It is the universal yearning for intimacy that even women with stellar careers and condos canít create by themselves.

Unintentional singles wrestle with their yearnings for sex, and, like the author, we sometimes "just want to have sex so badly I could explode." Ironically, so many settle for the momentary sexual experience, that men have little reason to commit to that lifelong faithful relationship a woman's heart was designed for. Gilliam describes a womanís heart like a garden, using the biblical model, where at itís center is reserved a place for the person who will husband her garden permanently. In contrast, the alternative to doing things God's way is destructive to the tender heart of a woman.

Revelations of a Single Woman is for the perpetually single and for those of us who find ourselves unintentionally single after marriage. The 22 chapters address relationships, work, awkward single situations in a couple-oriented society, friends who marry off, and the answer to the irritating question, "So, why aren't you married?" It is a vulnerable, brave look at loving the life we didn't expect. Ė PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Turning our culture's Sex in the City worldview completely upside down, Revelations of a Single Woman celebrates God's enticing, life-giving promises, even when life takes you down a path you didn't plan for.

Connally Gilliam explores what it means to live in a world for which her mother never could have prepared her. Through this collection of thoughtful, honest, and humorous memoirs, the author delves into what it really means to be "the remainder" in a world that caters to couples, and what it means to be the one who lives out moral values that her peers think died in the sixties. As readers walk with Connally through each humorous and poignant experience, they will discover that God doesn't promise happiness somewhere in the future, but abundant life in the here and now.