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304 pages
Oct 2006
Tyndale House Publishers

The 5 Sex Needs of Men and Women

by Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg with Ginger Kolbaba

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To many wives "sex" is the original 4-letter word , to many marriages a major stress point, and to most husbands lifeblood. In their excellent new book, The 5 Sex Needs of Men and Women, Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg with Ginger Kolbaba explain how to bridge the gap in perceptions of sex to make marriage the intimate joy that both husbands and wives long for.

Based on their years of counseling, the Rosbergs explain why the Golden Rule needs to be reinterpreted when it comes to sex, the five deepest sex needs of both men and women, and how to meet your spouse's needs.

They divide the book into two sections: "The Five Sex Needs of Husbands and Wives," and "Enriching Your Sex Life." In the first section the Rosbergs look at each of the sex needs, the problems caused by unmet needs, and ways to meet these needs.

The next section explains the problems that may block sexual fulfillment and offers ideas on dealing with those problems. They include an upbeat chapter on keeping the fun in sex. They discuss the spiritual side of sex, which may surprise you, and then explore the somber issues of premarital sex, pornography, infidelity, and sexual trauma. They conclude with appendices on what the Bible says about marriage and sex, and a resource list.

The Rosbergs bring their experience as America's Family Coaches, as prolific writers, counselors, and radio program hosts to the book. Kolbaba's extensive writing and editing background as the editor of Marriage Partnership makes the book lively and appealing. Using anecdotes and biblical principles, they draw the reader into their discussion. Especially helpful is their encouragement to seek ways to serve one another, including sexually.

The Five Sex Needs of Men and Women would make an excellent gift for newlyweds as well as older weds. It would be helpful for pastors to assign during premarital counseling and for counselors to use during counseling of troubled marriage.

The summer before my husband and I married, a local millworker, a regular at the little restaurant where I worked, offered me some advice. His words carried the wisdom of unhappy experience. He said, "Most of the problems in marriage are related to money, sex, or kids, not necessarily in that order." He had a point. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A perfect follow-up book to the Rosbergs' widely read book 5 Love Needs of Men & Women. The 5 Sex Needs provides a straightforward and candid look at the different sex needs that both men and women bring to a marriage. The Rosbergs both educate and challenge married couples to develop a godly view of sexual intimacy. This book does not cover sexual techniques; instead, the specifics include the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of sex within a marriage. This book opens the lines of communication so that a couple can openly discuss their needs and experience sexual intimacy according to God's design.