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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Aug 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

Shadow at Evening (The Lamb Among the Stars, Book 1)

by Chris Walley

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“On the basis of ecological or theological ideas that are not to be lightly dismissed, many people believe that this present world will end shortly. But supposing, in this or some other universe, it doesn’t?”*

Millennia ago the Lord intervened, evil was banished. God then directed the seeding of far-flung, dead planets. Now obedient, innocent, technologically adept people dwell as caretakers on these little Earths. Farholme, furthest out of all the planets, faces many challenges. Fortunately, the gates between the worlds keep information and people flowing from planet to planet. However, the greatest challenge of all comes: the nightmare, The Shadow at Evening, begins. Something strange from out in space, something beyond the recognition of these innocent people, something cruelly evil has landed in the northern cold of Farholme. Forester Merral Stefan D’Avanos, lover of the quiet forests and mountains, soon finds himself facing this heinous challenge. First come small twists in truth, and the horror of monsters beyond imagining, then the shadow reaches out to the Gate, threatening all humanity.

Geologist, teacher, author Chris Walley imbues The Shadow at Evening with the mystery of his Welsh homeland. Interweaving a shrewd look at how sin grows, with geological details of still forming Farholme, and the chill of sci-fi horror, Walley presents a gripping tale planted in a continuing plot. As the story progresses, characters grow in depth and believability. Science, theology, and human action fit easily and convincingly into the narrative. The Shadow at Evening is the first book in Walley’s The Lamb Among The Stars Series. It ends with the unanswered questions that lead to a second book. This series is advertised as being in the tradition of C. S. Lewis and J. R.R. Tolkien. The reader will also recognize themes from Star Trek, Star Wars, and other well-know sci-fi series. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

*Introductory material, first page, The Shadow at Evening

Book Jacket:

Imagine a future that today’s generation can only dream of. A trillion people live under the gentle rule of The Assembly on over a thousand inhabited worlds. Peace and stability have reigned unbroken for nearly twelve thousand years, and war and evil are merely ancient history.

But everything is about to change. On Farholme—a Made World at the very edge of the Assembly—strange things are happening. A girl sees an impossible creature, a stranger from Ancient Earth arrives in response to a troubling vision, and people begin to say, do, and think things that oppose everything The Assembly stands for. And slowly, incredulously, a handful of men and women come to recognize the unthinkable: Evil has returned once more, and it must be fought.

The Shadow at Evening is a triumph of imagination. The first volume in a fantastic epic in the spirit of C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy, it weaves together the worlds of science and the spirit, technology and the supernatural, into something unique and haunting.