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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Mar 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

The Way of the Master: How to Share Your Faith Simply, Effectively, Biblically-- The Way Jesus Did

by Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron

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In The Way Of The Master, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort set forth the theory that there are many false Christians today because “the modern gospel has degenerated into a means of happiness rather than one of righteousness.”

Statistics compiled since 1970 show that 94 to 98 percent of “converted” people fall away. Our authors contend it is because people are not made to see their sinful need of Christ’s sacrifice for them. They start by describing the gospel as it is preached today, and then compare it to our founding Christian preachers -- Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer -- noting the great difference both in method and results. Next the authors show the moral erosion caused by this new gospel message, and illustrate how applying the Law prepares the heart to receive the good news of God’s grace.

Cameron and Comfort also contend that our churches are filled with false converts today: “It is a rich field of evangelistic endeavor. The fact that they are still there is a testimony to the fact that they remain open to the things of God…Every major revival…has been birthed out of a great awakening of those who thought they were saved but were not.”

This book is a real eye-opener for all who call themselves “Christians.” I found myself within the pages, and thank God for the ministry to which He has called these two men. They end with witnessing tools and testimonies from people who have found a new relationship with God through their ministry.

This book is for everyone from the Christian in the pew to the pastor in the pulpit. It is easy to read but will take a couple of thoughtful readings to fully comprehend its depths. I highly recommend it. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Learn how to share your faith without fear! Learn how to share your faith the way Jesus did--simply, effectively, biblically. The Way of the Master will equip you to confidently lead anyone--friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or stranger on the street--to a clear understanding of repentance and what it means to be a true and active follower of Jesus Christ. Ray Comfort's powerful and biblically sound text is interspersed with commentary by Kirk Cameron and Kirk's own real-life stories of sharing his faith.