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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Nov 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

SHE: Safe Healthy Empowered, The woman you're made to be

by Rebecca St. James & Lynda Hunter

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Well-known Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James and Lynda Hunter Bjorklund, founding editor of Focus on the Family’s Single Parent Family magazine, join their voices to create this in-depth look at the needs of Christian women today. Nine particular areas of struggle are placed under the acronym sections, calling women to be safe, healthy, and empowered.

Part One begins by demonstrating that women need to protect themselves, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. But that shouldn’t create isolation, as the following chapter on nourishing intimacy shows. The section concludes with an examination of femininity verses feminism. Part Two discusses health from the outside in, giving relevant advice on beauty, purity, and freedom. Part Three turns the focus outward toward empowering for ministry to others, starting with mentoring and being mentored. Creating boundaries is next, and the study concludes with determining your purpose in life.

Each of the nine primary chapters uses the life of a Biblical woman to illustrate the value taught, allowing this book to incorporate easily into a Bible study for women. Subheadings, questions, and antidotes add to the readability of the book. The chapters end with exposing lies women may have lived with for years, and refuting the falsehoods with truth.

The differing experiences of the two authors allow SHE to be accessible to a wide range of women, but those in their late teens to thirties will probably benefit most from the teachings. Recommended for any woman who wants to be all God has created her to be. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Beautiful, Sexy, Successful, Strong, Outgoing, Independent

Today’s media bombards women with these and other messages about what a woman should be. Frankly, none of us measure up all the time.

But who does God say a woman should be? He says . . .

SHE is Safe
SHE is Healthy
SHE is Empowered

SHE is the woman who has chosen to be transformed by God to become protected, intimate, feminine, beautiful, pure, free, mentored, boundaried, and purposeful. In short . . .

SHE is the woman God made you to be!

Get up close and personal with Rebecca St. James and Lynda Hunter Bjorklund as they expose the lies that drive women to distraction. By sharing their own trials, heartbreaks, and successes, as well as stories from other women, they’ll help you turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones en route to a stronger, more vibrant relationship with Christ and a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you!