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Trade Paperback
76 pages
Feb 2010
Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing

How Shall We Feed Them?

by Marty Girardier

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Marty Girardier’s booklet How Shall We Feed Them? is a short and simple guide to starting or expanding a church’s food pantry. Girardier wants to empower churches to help their communities and fulfill Christ’s command in John 13:34-35 to love one another.

The book opens with seven chapters that discuss how to assemble a team, collect food, advertise the pantry to the rest of the church, and properly distribute food. Each chapter contains an opening verse, blank lines for a prayer, and testimonial stories. In the back, Girardier includes samples of food checklists, commitment cards, and sign-up sheets, recipient information sheets, and take-home reminders, all available for copying and using. Although the back cover identifies these pages as “tear-out materials,” they are bound with the rest of the book and do not easily tear out.

Girardier stresses the need for a dependable, unified team of volunteers, citing Acts 6 when the early church chose seven men specifically to distribute food. She suggests networking with a larger church if a small church cannot support its own food pantry.

The founder of her church’s own food pantry, Girardier tells many stories about assembling the program and how, after changing churches, she joined with her former church to collect and distribute food. How Shall We Feed Them? is a good resource for small- and medium-size churches that do not already have a program or churches wanting to expand their pantries. – Alexandra Mellen,

Book Jacket:

“Brother, are you okay? Do you and your family have food?” a neighbor asked. Immediately, the man began to cry. Wiping away his tears, he said it had been days since they had food in the house and they had two boys. Overwhelmed, the neighbor asked if he would receive food from the church. The answer was yes, so they got in the car and went to the church’s food pantry. They were able to load them up!

This is one of many stories of meeting the needs of hungry people you will find in this practical book. It provides everything an individual, church, or organization needs to establish or revitalize a food pantry, including specific, step-by-step instructions for:

  • Building a food pantry team
  • Choosing a place for the food pantry
  • Stocking and replenishing the shelves
  • Creating guidelines for food pantry recipients
  • Ministering to the food recipients

Also included are tear-out materials to help set up a food pantry, including a detailed action plan, check-off lists, sign-up sheets, food recipient information sheets, and contribution sign-up sheets.

Today more than ever, churches and Christian organizations need to meet the needs of increasing numbers of hungry people. Organizing a food pantry is a tangible way to do that. If you want to serve God by helping people in need, this inspiring book is for you.