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Trade Paperback
184 pages
Oct 2004
Pleasant Word

The Write Start

by Carla Williams, ed.

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Although The Write Start is a self-published book on an imprint of Wine Press Publishing, it equals the quality level of other contemporary books dedicated to teaching freelance writing. Its contributors include Clint Kelly, noted humorist and adventure novelist; Colleen Reece, seasoned fiction writer and popular writers’ conference speaker; and Barbara Koshar, a regular contributor to such national magazines as Focus on the Family, among another 20 contributors.

The book’s most functional offerings are (1) website listings of where writers can do fast research on a wide variety of topics; (2) charts and lists for managing a writer’s time, expenses, and work output; and (3) extensive booklists of excellent reference texts that provide direct value to would-be authors. It also has a full list of biblical references related to motivating writers, and a vast glossary of terms and phrases related to publishing.

If a person is a novice writer, there are chapters on how to tap into one’s life experiences and acquaintances to find ideas for writing. Additionally, there are units on how to improve writing style, write devotions, become a published book reviewer, and write and sell poetry.

One section of the book is strictly devoted to writing and selling fiction, with lessons on developing a plot for a novel, creating dramatic tension, and formulating three-dimensional characters. For the more advanced writers, there are lessons on how to conduct online research, how to secure the services of a literary agent, how to promote a published book, and how to expand a writing career to include a speaking ministry.

Usually, the combination of two dozen writers results in a book that is a mishmash of styles, topics, and messages. In this case, the multitude of writers allows for variety of writing expressions and the ability to have experts in each area “talk” to a specific topic. The book’s only two weaknesses are that it offers no information or help in mastering the actual mechanics of writing (syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling), and it ignores such topics as screenwriting, radio script writing, children’s picture book writing, and online newspapers and magazines. However, as a primer for people wanting to get involved in writing and marketing, it is well written, well organized, and very informative. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, director of the Taylor University Fort Wayne professional writing major, for Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Packed full of great ideas and how-to's, this book will prove to be an invaluable tool for writers of all levels.

Initially created by Northwest Christian Writers Association members Agnes Lawless and Lorinda Newton as the Beginning Writers' Packet, this work has now blossomed into a well-rounded handbook for all Christian writers.

Join experienced, professional, and highly published authors, editors and Publishers as they share with you how to:

  • Improve your work space
  • Recognize market trends
  • Utilize internet resources for writers
  • Understand writing terms
  • Write queries and proposals
  • Get your manuscript into the correct format
  • Publicize and market your book
  • Keep good records
  • Handle rejection
  • Determine if you need an agent
  • Start a speaking career
  • Write personal experience, devotionals and fiction
  • And much, much more.