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84 pages
Sep 2004


by Steve A. Merckx

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Highly creative, with a touch of the classic ďwhodunit,Ē these pages lead readers on a search for the truth. The setting is in the heavenly realms, featuring a large arena with robed spectators all around. Justice, along with the accuser of mankind and a diverse group of suspects, await the start of the trial. Finally, the world is about to know who is responsible for the death of Jesus the Christ.

There is an eager anticipation as this book begins, as the reader is thrust into the story as one of the spectators. The narratorís thoughts act as a type of guide through the legal proceedings, explaining the procedures and identifying the characters. Itís commendable that the author captured the essence of this trial with few descriptions and powerful dialogue.

However, itís the parade of suspects that will quicken the readerís mind to the true identity of the one who killed Jesus. As Judas Iscariot, Caiaphus and Pontius Pilate take the stand, there is a hush as their testimony and motives are revealed. Barrabas and even the mighty Caesar must give an account of their actions. Most noteworthy are the Scripture verses quoted on the bottom of the pages. The testimony and actual events surrounding the death of Christ are reconstructed through the biblical record.

As the book and the trial near a conclusion, readers will be in for a surprise. A new witness takes the stand, providing a unique perspective on the proceedings. As all is finally revealed and understood, there is a feeling of perfect closure and peace. The final verdict is Godís own Word on the subject, and the author faithfully and creatively reveals it. Ė Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Witness the Trial for the Murder of Jesus Christ

The jury enters the courtroom and the Judge takes his place on his royal judgment seat. Soon the accuser enters and spews charge after charge against each suspect. As the swarm of accusations come forth, only Godís Justice stands between each defendant and his deathly sentence.

The Bible speaks of individuals involved in Christís death. But who holds true responsibility? Was it Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, the Pharisees, or perhaps even Barabbas? The suspects seem endless and yet God holds one ultimately accountable. Journey through the trial and discover the final verdict.