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Trade Paperback
312 pages
Apr 2004

Candles in the Darkness: A True Story of Faith, Hope & Friendship

by Sally Fugazi & Debbie Harwell

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Book Jacket:

It's not about circumstances, it's about Attitude!!!

Risking legal proceedings from disgruntled relatives, authors Sal and Deb are inviting readers into their private lives. Candles in the Darkness is an inspiring true story of friends who light the way through the dark, unfamiliar territory, sometimes referred to as "midlife."

Sal and Deb are having the time of their lives!?!?: aging parents, weddings, funerals, husbands, grandchildren, menopause, pregnant daughters, rebellious teenagers, weight gain &....depression (go figure!)

How do they handle it? Drugs? Therapy? Meditation? Prayer? Humor? Absolutely!!!! Journey with them as they shed light on effective ways to manage crises in life.

Life is too short to be miserable!!!!

Encouragement: "Hang in there, I've been where you are." Coping: "I am calling tomorrow for a lobotomy." Aging: "How about control-top Depends—I would need those." Exercise: "…should wear one of those orange triangle for slow moving vehicles. Menopause: "…night sweats? I’ll be the first woman to drown in her own bed." Spirituality: "Let God, rather than your emotions, rule your life & actions..."

Learn to smile even in darkness!