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Trade Paperback
135 pages
Aug 2005


by Brent A. Pearson

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Wow! Here is one macho book. Before you read Superheated be sure to take a deep breath, because this story moves violently, adventurously, and imaginatively f-a-s-t. With tongue firmly in cheek, borrowing from such far-flung classics as Alice in Wonderland, Jonah and the Whale, King Arthur, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Star Wars, but trying to pin this story on a biblical foundation, Pearson presents the story of a young man, armed with all sorts of way-out sci-fi equipment, who wants to find the deep underlying, outlawed first causes of his society.

Living in a world ruled by tyrants and despots, Rasu and his pet flinx, Lech, head out into the Pemlum Tundra only to be trapped in a deadly friction storm. When all seems lost the guidance begins. Rasu finds a sword and a book, thus becoming the deadly enemy of the powers that be. To combat Rasu, the government bring in morphing Lanister Coldhand (now doesn’t that name strike a movie bell), the worst criminal in the galaxy. They have mercilessly injected Lanister with a self-destruct mechanism giving him only 5, no – wait a minute now it’s 4, days to kill Rasu. And so the adventures and amazing twists and turns flow on.

There is a lot of bloodshed and crude language in Superheated; but, there is also a dash of biblical ethics. This book lends itself to comic book treatment or animated movie. In fact, everything needed to make a Sci-fi movie or TV serial is already there. Youth and adult sci-fi/fantasy fans looking for a quick-read that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, who are not too worried about violence and language, will enjoy this story. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Rasu Pemberton had never imagined that his Hyperlock hunting trip could go this wrong. Stranded on a remote planet, he stumbled upon an ancient code of law that could turn the tides of galactic power.

Lanister Cole was a deadly, condemned criminal with minutes to go before being executed on the blockbuster intergalactic game show Gandersmash. Seized by the tyrannical Western District's governing officials, he is spared in return for his expert skills in bounty hunting the soul of young Rasu. A vicious and terrible man of war, he will not be stopped until he earns his freedom.

It's high drama and glorious battle, as the two men meet and decide the fate of the universe. Paralleled for artistic comment from Old Testament characters, this book is a fictional preponderance/adaptation of Genesis 6:4, "And there were giants in those days... Men of renown, Heroes of old.”

Recommended Reading: 15 to adult (violence, adult situations, gratuitous bloodshed, and mayhem)