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128 pages
Oct 2005
J. Countryman

The Transparent Life: 30 Proven Ways to Live Your Best

by Naomi Judd

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In The Transparent Life, Naomi Judd combines devotion-style writing, questions, personal notes, and Scripture to express a mind, body and spiritual connection. Knowing many do not understand why their life is going in the direction that it is, she provides her insight and understanding to the hurting.

Naomi has fully recovered from hepatitis C and credits her recovery, alongside her caring medical doctors, to making smarter life choices and greater peace of mind. As she was delving into understanding the being as a whole with emotions, lifestyle needs, and spiritual needs, she writes, "I learned how our lifestyles can cause all sorts of mental distress and disease…I was shocked to discover that 85 percent of all illnesses are related to stress." She also writes that "The World Health Organization has proclaimed stress to be the number one global epidemic."

If you are struggling with a health or other issue, this book may help you gain some understanding of what you can do to alleviate some of the stress and gain peace of mind. Although the book contains Scripture and clearly Naomi is a Christian, I thought a more effective connection would have been made between self and God. In a chapter titled “Quiet Rest Time with God,” she spoke of meditation, creating a sense of self-mastery and listening to your inner witness, but passed over how God or the Holy Spirit may work in that quiet time. The strength of this book lies in her personal experiences and the questions she poses, but the greater weakness may be in leaving you with your eyes more on yourself and less on God. – Sheri Carlstrom, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You can't hide forever when you're a pregnant teen or an abused wife. You can't hide when the world celebrates you as a musical sensation. And you can't hide when a deadly disease hits you. Your best choice in coping with all of these situations is to live honestly, openly-transparently.

Naomi Judd is a self-proclaimed expert at making mistakes, and she shares lessons she has learned from her own experiences-tragic, triumphant and transcendent-about living honestly and without pretending. Grounded in her profound appreciation of each person as a whole being, with emotions, lifestyles and spiritual needs, Naomi leads a voyage of self-discovery and self-revolution through 30 proven, practical ways to live more fully. Among other suggestions, "The Star Next Door" encourages readers to:

  • Know How You Feel (practice emotion control)
  • Begin Every Day with Solitude and Self-Assurance
  • Resign as General Manager of the Universe
  • Live in God's Presence and Walk Toward the Light