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192 pages
Sep 2008
Thomas Nelson

Simplify Your Holidays: A Christmas Planner to Use Year after Year

by Marcia Ramsland

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The holidays may be a trying time for many but they need not be according to Marcia Ramsland author of Simplify Your Holidays: a Classic Christmas Planner to use Year after Year. Her organizing ideas can be seen in national magazines and heard on radio programs. This book holiday organization is another step in sharing ideas for busy lives.

To keep a balance of the many things we need to do while keeping our focus on the spiritual reason for the season Marcia has a plan. This plan can be tailored for your family’s needs. Included are various expert’s advice on subjects such as money saving tips on holiday gifts, tips on successful Christmas card photos, tips for the working woman, entertaining tips to serve fabulous food and impress your guests, and my favorite, tips to celebrate without gaining weight. You are encouraged to take photos of your holiday event, décor, meals and record what you want to remember and tips for the next year (like winner gift ideas) and insert them in folders provided in the notebook style binder.

Throughout December Marcia helps the reader to daily take time for the Christmas story (Luke 2). Day by day she shares the historic story of the birth of Christ with scripture following it with a reflective review, application for today, and a thoughtful prayer. Each and every day she ends with a holiday tip.

Marcia makes you think, evaluate your style, simplify to what is important and to anticipate problems so that you can avoid them. She has questions to ask yourself before you send cards this holiday season, has a strategy to keep decorating simple, even a labeling system for boxing up the décor.

Wrapping it up she includes extra pages that allow this notebook to be used again and again. Making, recording, and creating special memories this book is a treasure and even a unique gift to be given or received. - Debra S. Murphy,

Book Jacket:

Most people begin to prepare for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over, which can create great stress since Thanksgiving happens at a different time every year. However, Halloween is consistently eight weeks before Christmas, so beginning then ensures enough time to prepare and plan for both Christmas and Thanksgiving and to make this a season of joy for yourself and your family. This planner addresses all the details of the busy holiday season, including buying, wrapping, and sending presents, sending Christmas cards, home decorations, and cooking and baking. What sets this planner apart is a day-by-day plan that breaks every task into manageable pieces and a daily devotional journal that keeps the reader focused on the reason for all the activity, encouraging a spirit of praise, not panic.