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32 pages
Jul 2009
Thomas Nelson

Sharing with You

by Tish Rabe

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Sharing with You by Tish Rabe is the second in the new I Believe Bunny series of illustrated children's books for 3- to 7-year-olds. The story takes its message from Hebrews 13:16, "Do not forget to do good to others. And share with them what you have. These are sacrifices that please God." As with the previous book in this series, Sharing with You is written in rhymed quatrains and features the same characters: the I Believe Bunny and his friends Little Mouse, Raccoon, Skunk, and Squirrel.

One day as the friends are having fun together sharing flowers and shiny rocks, a pesky magpie swoops down and steals the shiniest of the rocks. This hurts the bunny's feelings, so the squirrel rushes off and retrieves a shiny ring he had found at an earlier time. He gives up his fancy ring in a swap with the magpie for the bunny's shiny rock. This sacrifice proves the devotion and friendship of the squirrel for his friends. The story concludes by teaching youngsters that by sharing what they have in order to bring joy to others actually makes the giver feel good, too. ,P>The book's poems consist primarily of one- and two-syllable words so that young readers will be able to handle them. The double-page spread of colorful illustrations by series artist Frank Endersby are eye catching and appealing to youngsters. These books will appear to preschoolers and young elementary students. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Sharing is not Bunny's favorite thing to do. Actually he doesn't mind sharing things he doesn't care about, like pinecones and buttons. But, will Bunny learn to share his most favored possessions with Little Mouse?

Children everywhere struggle with sharing. In this sweet, life-shaping story, Bunny struggles with a "mine" attitude. Then Bunny remembers that all we have comes from God and He wants us to share with others. Once Bunny takes the hard step of sharing something important to him with Little Mouse, Bunny finds that sharing can be fun!