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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2004
Tommy Nelson

Beautiful : Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

by Angela Thomas

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In her book Beautiful, Angela Thomas explains that life is a dance: when we're dancing with God, He doesn't expect us to know the steps. How could we without anyone to teach us? And no one can teach the dance of life except God.

When girls like me don't think we're worthy or pretty enough to dance with God, we hide in the shadows, avoiding the spotlight and blocking out the music. For the sake of charity, we think we'll save somebody from having to dance with a wallflower. Angela writes, "When a wallflower is asked to dance it feels like the earth moves and time stands still while a dream unfolds."

God wants to dance with you and me. "He really thinks you are beautiful, all of you, inside and out," Angela says. "Top to bottom, yep, even around the back too. ‘Beautiful,’ He says."

Fear is a common companion for young women. "We fear change. Forget that change could mean receiving God's best. We still cling to our old familiar thoughts, ideas, and ways of coping. No change, please. It's disconcerting. We like things just the way they are and then wonder why we've grown bored."

This magazine-style book has 12 chapters with journaling activities that help the reader understand exactly how she feels. The author easily instructs how to pray by leading prayers and by telling how she prayed at particular times. Angela shares stories from her own life and her struggles growing up.

As a 12-year-old reading this book, I learned not be the "weak-willed woman," the "elder brother" or the "prodigal daughter." Angela shows how not to listen to the whispers, and how to "shut up and jump." I recommend this book to young girls who are having trouble with their relationship with God, or guys, or both. – Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Based on the adult non-fiction best-selling book Do You Think I’m Beautiful? by Angela Thomas, Beautiful will lift young women to the status of ‘beautiful’ by giving them a chance to see themselves through the eyes of God. Includes Angela Thomas LIVE on CD!

Through anecdotes and Scripture, Thomas describes how young women can pull themselves away from the ballroom wall and come to dance—securely and unconditionally—in the arms of their Lord. She acknowledges the fear and anxiety young girls have, and discusses how to turn off the disabling voices in their heads, how to ignore the negative voices of those around them, and how to follow the only voice that has ever mattered.

Readers are left with confidence, security, and a challenge to begin a lifelong dance with God. Told from the heart of a women who understands, Beautiful will teach girls how to experience dreams that far surpass any Cinderella, to live a love that is no fairy tale, and to dance for eternity with a God who thinks, who knows, who created them Beautiful.