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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Mar 2008
WaterBrook Press

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

by Andrew Peterson

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On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson is a book filled with adventure, excitement, and mystery! The evil serpentine Fangs of Dang have conquered the humans known as Skreeans, and they are far from kind to them. The Fangs enjoy putting people in prison and whipping them, and they take special delight in sending children to Gnag the Nameless by way of a dark carriage. So, when Janner, the main character, along with his brother Tink and sister Leeli find themselves in trouble with the Fangs, it’s best the reader buckle his seatbelt and prepare for a wild ride.

Aside from the terrors of the Fangs, Janner comes to discover many secrets kept from him and his siblings. From the mysteries of Janner’s father, Esben, and the hidden jewels of his mother to the famous yet strange Armulyn the Bard and the seemingly fabled land of Anniera, readers are sure to be on the edge of their seats with curiosity and tensions. Andrew Peterson’s book is just complex enough to be taken seriously, yet just silly enough to be continually amusing. With slapstick humor, jokes, and amusingly skillful storytelling, the author really gets the reader to enjoy the book. It is written well, definitely for an adolescent age group, and is only the first in a whole series titled The Wingfeather Saga. Definitely a recommendation!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6, ESV). With all the problems going on in their world, Janner and his family trust in “the Maker.” This should tell the readers something. In all the troubles and storms of life, the Lord is there. He is the God of peace and love. He is in control, and so we should worry over nothing. And that’s just one of the many lessons to be gained from this book. Great writing, Peterson! -- Joshua Wagner,

Book Jacket:

Once, in a cottage above the cliffs on the Dark Sea of Darkness, there lived three children and their trusty dog Nugget. Janner Igiby, his brother Tink, their crippled sister Leeli are gifted children as all children are, loved well by a noble mother and ex-pirate grandfather. But they will need all their gifts and all that love to survive the evil pursuit of the venomous Fangs of Dang who have crossed the dark sea to rule the land with malice and pursue the Igibys who hold the secret to the lost legend and jewels of good King Wingfeather of the Shining Isle of Anniera.

Andrew Peterson spins a quirky and riveting tale of the Igibys’ extraordinary journey from Glipwood’s Dragon Day Festival and a secret hidden in the Books and Crannies Bookstore, past the terrifying Black Carriage, clutches of the horned hounds and loathsome toothy cows surrounding AnkleJelly Manor, through the Glipwood Forest and mysterious treehouse of Peet the Sock Man (known for a little softshoe and wearing tattered socks on his hands and arms), to the very edge of the Ice Prairies.

Full of characters rich in heart, smarts, and courage, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness presents a world of wonder and a tale children of all ages will cherish, families can read aloud, and readers’ groups are sure to discuss for its layers of meaning about life’s true treasure and tangle of the beautiful and horrible, temporal and eternal, and good and bad.