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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Jun 2006
WaterBrook Press


by Donita K. Paul

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Bardon heads to the mountains to spend a long-anticipated sabbatical in solitude before taking his vow as Paladin’s knight. But someone already lives in the cabin he was instructed to occupy. A young girl named N’Rae and her grandmother need Bardon to help them find Granny Kye’s son, imprisoned with other knights following Paladin. Bardon suspects one is his friend Kale’s father, and reluctantly agrees to lead the quest.

The wonderful land of Amara returns in this delightful sequel to DragonQuest. A troupe of varied characters fills the pages: members of the seven high races; the seven low races; major, minor, and meech dragons; and the legendary minneken. Combine this with a twisting plot, beautiful descriptions, and depth of characters, and you have a novel that’s too rich to devour in one reading. Readers of the previous books may be disappointed at first with Kale’s absence, but she does come into the story later on. While DragonKnight tells a complete story on its own, much of it draws from the previous novels, so the series is best read in order. Recommended for teens, adults, and anyone fascinated with dragons. – Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Trapped in an evil spell… can the knights of Paladin be rescued?

Before vowing his allegiance to Wulder as a knight, Bardon heads to the mountains for solitude. His life is suddenly complicated by a woman and her granddaughter, N’Rae, on a mission to rescue the woman’s son trapped in a chamber of sleep. Bardon learns that more of Paladin’s knights are imprisoned–and suspects one of them is Dragon Keeper Kale’s missing father.

The secret is in their hands–and hearts.

The band travels north, uncertain of their destination and encountering numerous perils. When they unlock the chamber, they discover a dozen knights–who cannot be awakened. The journal holding the secret to rousing them is in an unknown language. How can they find the help they need, and overcome even graver obstacles, to rescue the knights? Return to the land of dragons and magic you discovered in DragonSpell and DragonQuest, in this finely crafted and memorable work of fantasy fiction with a core of eternal truth.