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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Aug 2007
WaterBrook Press

You Are Here: A Straight-Shooting Guide to Mapping Your Future

by Danny Holland

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You Are Here by speaker and author Danny Holland could be better titled, I Canít Believe Itís Not Self-Help.  It contains all of the advice you know and love, with half the fat.  It may not say anything that has never been said before, but it delivers this information quickly and clearly, without anything unnecessary.

Finding Godís purpose for your life can be confusing, and Holland aims to guide readers through the process as he explores the subject of vocation in a very casual way.  You Are Here draws many comparisons between finding your purpose and canoeing on the open ocean: both can be exciting, challenging, and dangerous.  The metaphors employed in every chapter engage the reader and illustrate the authorís points well, sometimes sounding so vivid that a Hawaiian breeze seems to be turning the pages for you.  Although the book is well-written and may even teach you something about ocean canoeing, the discussion of Godís unique purpose for everyoneís life never goes much deeper than the water along the shoreline.   

Content-wise, You Are Here is complete without becoming complex.  The sentences are short and poignant, meant more to encourage the reader than to lead anyone in deep contemplation.  This is a cursory glance into life calling; readers probably wonít have any epiphanies while reading this book, but it may just point them in the right direction.  Section one guides through finding what God has in store for individuals.  In section two, Holland explores the characteristics that will help to get readers there, with each quality illustrated as one of the seats in a professional rowing team.  Finally, section three recaps and applies the first two parts of the book and adds some final words of wisdom.  You Are Here adequately covers how to prepare for Godís purpose in life without becoming overly theological.  Simply put, this book probably wonít redefine the readerís life.  However, if someone wants a laid-back text that will raise spirits and point him in the right direction, then maybe You Are Here will be the road map that can guide to where God can use him at full potential. Ė Jason Warne, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Youíre not here on earth just to breath, own some neat stuff, and die. You know thereís much more to it than that. So why do so many people waste their lives?

The truth is, thrill seeking and intense experiences can be exciting, but they canít give you the sense of true meaning you long for. Hereís why: You were created for a specific purpose. Lots of people donít believe that, but itís true. In these pages youíll find out whyÖand youíll learn how to live a life of purpose and meaning instead of just trying to fill your existence with unhealthy relationships, destructive decisions, expensive possessions, and anything else that on the surface, looks like it will provide satisfactionĖbut only takes more life than it gives.

You Are Here will open your eyes. It will encourage and equip you to seek your unique yet universal purpose. And it will help you use your gifts, personality, strengths, and even your weaknesses to achieve genuinely great things. Youíve got a lot to deal with in life. Even so, you can overcome your obstacles, accomplish your life purpose, and live out your passion. Itís your choice. And it can start right now.